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Interview: Mrs. Money, A bank supervisor’s hobby made her a financial blogger

Interview: of Mrs. Money: A bank supervisor’s hobby made her a financial blogger

Mrs. Money is a 26 year old bank supervisor. Her blog is about saving money, getting out of debt, and living a simple life. There are some attractive sections in her blog – recipes, design, etc. The blog is also about living green. She learned the ways to get out of debt while trying to handle her husband’s student loans. However, she had always been very particular about handling money. Thus, she loves sharing tips in doing the same.

Let us see what Mrs. Money has to say about her blogging and personal finance experiences.

Sarah : From where did you get the idea of blogging?

Mrs. Money : My husband is a chef so I have a lot of time on my hands by myself. I knew I needed a hobby to keep me occupied, and one day I decided I would start a blog. From there, it morphed into what it is today! I would love to blog full time one day soon.

Sarah : What is the significance of “Ultimate Money Blog”?

Mrs. Money : When I was thinking of blog names, I wanted something that stood out and gave the website significance. I wanted something strong. "Ultimate Money Blog" popped into my head, and the domain name was created.

Sarah : What do you do in real life and how’d you get started?

Mrs. Money : I work full time at a bank currently. Five and a half years ago, I thought it would be interesting to be a teller, and I got hired on as a teller supervisor. I've done pretty much every position in the branches, from teller to office manager! It's been interesting.

Sarah : Do you think blogging has changed your life in some way or the other?

Mrs. Money : I've met some awesome people because of my blog. I think that's the most rewarding - meeting people and also when people tell me that I've made a difference in their life. I get great satisfaction from that!

Sarah : Where do you see yourself in 15 years down the lane?

Mrs. Money : Oh gosh, I hope I have at least a couple kids, married, living on some property out in the middle of nowhere on my homestead. I'd love to be off grid, but if I was at least partly self-sufficient, I'd be happy. I'd also like to be closer to family.

Sarah : What was your best personal finance decision ever made?

Mrs. Money : I would say living frugally throughout the years. I have always striven to save money, and I'm thankful I did because there have been times that were tough. We also were able to move cross country so my husband could attend culinary school because we had saved up money.

Sarah : How do you feel by attaining financial independence at the age of just 26?

Mrs. Money : That's funny - I don't feel I have attained financial independence yet. I know that we've accomplished a lot by paying off debt and saving, but I always feel like I could and should be doing more.

Sarah : What are the three biggest financial mistakes you have ever made in your life?

Mrs. Money : Letting a friend borrow money that she never paid back, purchasing a brand new car at 18, and wasting too much money on little things.

Sarah : Please advice our readers how to pay off their debts from your past experiences?

Mrs. Money : Develop a budget, stick to it, make as much extra money as you can without sacrificing your sanity, and just do it. It's hard, but you will feel so much better when it happens!

Sarah : How do feel by becoming a part of world’s largest debt consolidation community now?

Mrs. Money : Awesome! I love helping other people become debt free! It is a fantastic feeling.

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