How can modern hi-tech gadgets save your energy and money?

By: on 2018-06-01
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How can modern hi-tech gadgets save your energy and money?

Technological developments for homes are getting new heights day by day. Having those high-end home innovations might seem expensive to you. But, you must consider that these innovations will save you a lot of money in different ways.

So, why not adopt new home technologies that can save your energy and money together?

Here are some innovations that may help you save money and energy:

1 Energy efficient smart thermostats

Programmable thermostats that you can synchronize with timer are old now. People need something more than just simply turning on or off programs.

With the newer models, you can get smart thermostats that can be programmed to set up your desired temperature when you are at home. Once you are gone, the device will return back to standby mode so that it can save your energy and money together.

2 Smart solar panels

During summer you can use all the day time to gather energy from sunlight. Use smart solar panels to power your home and store extra energy to use later.

Solar energy is eco-friendly, renewable, and can save you money over the long period. A recent study conducted by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center stated that in Austin, people saved $66 per month on an average during the first 12 months after installing the solar system.

Today's cutting edge technology will help you to get new, programmable solar panels that can monitor their performance itself with auto turn on/off option. This option will be proved useful if sudden weather or fire emergency arrives.

3 Smart home surveillance systems

Home surveillance has become much more important today than past few years. With the old-style surveillance systems, you may need to call a technician to wire up your home with sensors and cameras.

With new smart techs, you can forget about jumbled up wirings and just place small smart devices in different corners of your home. These sensors can detect open or closed windows and any movement within the house. Some systems include video and audio feed recording. These devices, synced with an integrated mobile app, will trigger a real-time alert on security breaches.

Canary is one of the famous all-in-one surveillance security systems. It includes siren alarm and night vision mode.

4 Smart sprinkler control devices

Today you’ll get smart sprinkler control devices that can be programmed by your PC or a smartphone. You can program sprinkle water to work automatically according to the season and the weather forecasts.

You can go for the popular smart sprinkler controller called Rachio Iro. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled, smart sprinkler control system that can save up to 50% on water bills. You can control its functions through your PC or smartphone, like changing watering times and adjusting watering amounts.

It also gives you local weather updates and changes the sprinkler timing according to weather forecasts.

5 Smart lighting systems

One of the biggest cost we encounter in the house is lighting and heating cost. Annual lighting costs can be up to 12% of your total power bill, or over $200 per year, stated by Energy Star. So, you can decrease your lighting bill easily by using smart lighting techs like the Philips Hue wifi-enabled lights.

Smart lighting systems like dimmers and motion sensors can provide you with total access to monitor and modify energy efficiency. These sensors and hi-tech bulbs can control different light levels, especially if the room is empty.

There are few smart LED lights like Lifx LED bulbs, wherein you can set timers or program the lights through sensors as per your choice.

It is helpful, especially for the kids, when they sleep or wake up in the morning. You can control the intensity of the light whenever you want. So, you must equip with these techs as soon as possible to save your energy and money together.

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