How to become financially stable and a positive person!

By: on 2018-05-30
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How to become financially stable and a positive person!
Things that we learn, as we grow up, are all related to well being, leading a good life, making money the right way, and being successful!

But how many of us are taught from an early age, proper money management, how to be financially positive, and lead an independent life?

Guess only a few of us can actually figure out how this world moves, and start to think positive by leading a well-maintained lifestyle!

In this post, I will be discussing various ways to become financially stable and a positive person!

1 Never have a letdown by thinking about your past:

We humans are forever imperfect. But our imperfection is a blessing and only humans have got that and no other animal!

Just because we are imperfect, we do mistakes, and therefore we have the opportunity to learn from them!

But if you keep thinking about those mistakes and drag the matter for a long time, then all you have is a messy head, and dark circles around your eyes!

Hence whatever mistake it is, once done, learn from it and forget it!

2 Learn to give ‘savings’ a big priority:

Everybody dreams of getting rich, but they don’t know the easiest way to achieve it.

One good notion is you can’t measure your wealth by how much you earn, but by how much you have!

Does that ring any bell?

You need to have ample savings before you declare yourself financially stable. You must plan a suitable budget to build your savings gradually.

The best way to do so is following a backward budgeting!

It is very simple; all you need to do is every time you get your salary, you get a certain percentage of it transferred to your savings account straight away!

After that, whatever’s left, plan your expenses within that amount. Even after your expenses are dealt with, if you are left with spared cash, use this amount to build more savings or you can use it for your luxury expenses!

3 Learn to grow confidence and understand your limits:

Every successful man knows his limits.

Even though we have the capability to do everything, still we are not meant to do everything!

You must understand what you are best at! Because if you don’t get this picture clear, then you will end up doing jobs that don’t suit you, and only emotional breakdowns can be your friends!

So get your facts straight! Find your work, and get paid for the job you do the best.

If you don’t have the peace of mind, then you can never have confidence, and hence you can never have fruitful growth in your life!

I would love to quote this famous line said by our beloved author Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

You see money isn’t everything for the successful people. It’s just that they are so happy and positive from the inside that money can’t help but come into their lives!

4 Have patience, the most important element to be successful and positive:

You see, there’s one thing we can never win, and that’s time!

But what we can do is have patience, and wait and wait and wait!

If you don’t know how to wait for the right time to come, then you will never win any fight.

I believe in this philosophy that everything’s already written, and whatever’s happening is meant to happen.

So what we can best do is never get impatient, for anything, and go with the flow of time, wherever time takes you!

Have trust in destiny, and don’t try to change it in a rush!

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Work hard and have patience!

5 Practice healthy habits and never owe a debt to anyone:

The worst mistake you can ever commit is taking out debts to meet your life’s needs!

Remember, the money you ask from someone is never yours. And you will have to give back more to maintain your reputation in front of that person!

Moreover, do you really like someone continuously nagging you every now and then for a puny matter - “Give me my money, when will you give it back” and such?

So, check out your lifestyle and start to put strong money affirmation in your life, to be financially stable.

Try to spend what you earn. Don’t indulge too much in activities that give you no profit in return, and those that only drain out money from you!

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