7 hard vaccinations for success prone people

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From the desk of my experience:

7 hard vaccinations for success prone people

  1. Success is self defined: Some define success as being able to achieve a harmonious family life. Where as for others it might be getting back to home from a tiring day at office and having a peaceful dinner with their family or getting a comment on their blog post and for some it might be going for a ride in a limo.
  2. Success does not drive people: The people who are driven by the right cause achieve success whereas there are people who on their pursuit of success tread blindly on a path that leads them nowhere.
  3. A+B+C=Success: I wish it worked. There is no prescribed formula for success.
  4. Being successful is just a momentary thing: As you accomplish one goal, you’ll see another mountaintop that you’ll want to climb. But a word of caution here: as you venture out for a new accomplishment DO NOT forget to appreciate what you already have!
  5. “I have achieved it” This is what you probably thought when your project got approved. Hey but wait a minute! Did you bang it on your own? Probably not. So, do not forget to look back and express thanks to the people who are responsible for making you successful. "Let’s create a blog for DebtCC" is an idea by someone but there are many faces working behind it to make it successful.
  6. Warning!
    Being successful in one field can sometimes make you failure at other fields. Its you call, your choice. Want to be a high profile active blogger or a loving moma? Its your choice, Its your call. go(Added note: Most women leave their career and stay at home to become successful mommies. But if they manage to break through the complex home and work quandary then they can relish mommyhood as well as their career.)
  7. Life is not all about achieving milestone success; it is about a journey towards success. Don’t screw up your journey towards success for milestones.

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