5 Remarkable ways to steer clear of skimming scams

By: on 2013-01-15
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It is a terrifying feeling to be a victim of credit scams or identity-thefts. Scammers or the identity thieves can not only misuse your credit but also can exploit your personal information for several illegal purposes. This is why it is crucial to avoid them like a plague.

Credit scam is growing and spreading like a chronic disease across the nation. Identity thieves are using various techniques to scam people. The most popular ones are – phishing, pretexting, skimming, dumpster diving, etc. In this article, we will discuss about the 5 incredible ways to keep away from skimming scams. Read along to know more.

Incredible ways to steer clear of credit scams

Go through the following lines to get acquainted with the 5 incredible ways to steer clear of credit scams:

1. Swipe your card in a good ATM: Make sure you swipe your cared in a good ATM. If you find that some parts of the machine is loose or wires are coming out, then go to another ATM. The best option is to use ATMs stationed inside the bank. Never swipe your card in an ATM which is located in a desolate or remote place. This is because the identity thieves can easily install fake card processors there.

2. Watch out for the hidden cameras: Sometimes the identity thieves install hidden cameras in various parts of the gas stations. So, check whether or not there are any cameras in an around the card processor. The cameras are most likely to be directed towards the processor.

3. Go through your bill statements: Go through your bill statements every month. If you find any illegal financial transactions in your bill statement, then you can report the matter to the authority. In case of debit cards, you'll need to inform the card company within 2 days of detection.

4. Be careful when you insert card: It is another great way to avoid skimming scams. Squirm your card in the slot of the card processor to find out if any theft equipment is hidden inside the machine. As you wiggle your card inside the slot, the hidden equipment may come out.

5. Shield your card PIN number: Pin number is an integral part of a credit or debit card. Rather, it is the most important element of a card. So, you should try to protect the number by all means. A lot of identity thieves set up hidden cameras in front of the ATM machine. Scrutinize the ATM machine prior to inserting your card. So, if you find anything odd, then it is better to not swipe your card in that card processor. You should be careful while entering the PIN number of your card. You can cover the keypad of the card processor when typing the PIN number.

Last but not the least, you should be extremely careful when you hand over your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or an accountant in a shop. You should tell them in clear terms that your card should not be swiped through several equipments.

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