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Make your doting dad happy by making smart purchases

Purchasing the perfect gift for your dad is not an easy task. After all, your dad has the best things of the world. Your dad's wardrobe has the best collections of shirts and handmade trousers. You don't want to buy a pack of cigars when your dad is trying to quit smoking, and the idea of giving another cute t-shirt is just galling.

You love your dad. Don't you think he deserves something special on the Father's Day? You don't have to spend a huge amount to make your dad happy. All you need to do is look at his likings and dislikings. You can just buy a book which your dad is dying to read. You can also make him a member of a literary club if he loves to dwell in literary activities. You can buy a movie ticket or you can do any other things. However, make sure you don’t waste money. After all, your loving dad won't like the fact his daughter or son has just wasted money for buying a useless gift.

Read along to know about some smart tips that can help you shop wisely for this coming Father's day.

1. Purchase a good wrist watch: Perhaps your father belongs to the old school and just hates to see the time in his smartphone. Well, in that case, you can gift him a branded wrist watch on this Father's Day. You'll not buy a watch for your dad everyday. So, it doesn't make any sense to buy a watch from a phony website.

Stay away from the websites that offer luxury watches at $70 or less. You can't get a branded watch at such a less price. You've to accept this fact. If you're purchasing a watch from a retailer, then get to know about the exchange policies first. Find out if they'll allow you to exchange the watch after a few days. There may be some problems in the watch or your dad may not like the style of the new watch. You need to exchange the watch during those times.

Ask your dad if he would love to have a sports watch. If your dad wants to wear it in his office, then you can select a watch accordingly.

2. Subscribe him to his favorite magazines: Is your dad an indoor person? Does he love to read magazines in his favorite time? If yes, then you can give him a subscription of his favorite magazine as a Father's Day gift. You don't have to spend a substantial amount to make your dad happy. Just make sure you don’t become a victim of a scam. There are some people who will knock at your door for selling the latest issues of various magazines. Buy a magazine and fill out the subscription form. Send the form at the address printed on the form.

3. Book sports tickets carefully: Does your father love sports? Is he a complete sports freak? If yes, then you can book sports tickets for your dad. After all, who doesn’t want to experience a thrilling match? Make sure you book the tickets from the authentic websites. You can also go the venue straightway and purchase the tickets. Have a look at the seating arrangement. This will help you know if your dad will get the best view from his seat.

Don't book tickets from the websites which do not offer any remedy to the people with fake tickets. Try to avoid purchasing only one ticket. Your dad may like to go out with someone special. This special person can be your mom or his bosom friend.

If your dad wants to enjoy life to the fullest, then you can book tickets for scuba diving or parachuting. Contact the companies which help the consumers to indulge in these kinds of activities. Select the date that will be suitable to your father. Check out the refund policies too.

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