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Solutions to awkward financial problems often faced by men and women

Men and women often face embarrassing money situations in their daily life. Most of the people are not able to tackle the awkward financial situations efficiently. Glance through the article to know about some awkward money issues often faced by men and women and the ways to solve them.

Financial problems faced by men

Here are the 3 awkward financial problems often faced by men in their daily life:

Problem: Don't have money to buy a costly ring for fiancée

You have finally taken the decision to propose to your fiancée but are not able to take the final plunge because of financial problems. Your girlfriend comes from a wealthy family. Naturally, your girlfriend will expect an expensive engagement ring from you. However, you don't have money to purchase a big diamond ring.

What you can do:

Purchase a ring according to your budget. But you should take this step only when you are sure that your girlfriend will accept your gift gladly. You can explain the situation to your girlfriend honestly. Express your unrequited love for her. Tell her that you would love to give her the biggest diamond ring on the planet but don't have the financial means to do so.

If you have inherited a special ring from your family, then you can gift it to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend may like the ring because of the emotional value and overlook the fact that it didn't come from a reputed jewelry store.

Problem: Your wife has read the collection letter

The credit card company has assigned your account to a collection agency. You are thinking about how to take care of the situation efficiently. But in the mean time, the collection agency sends a notice to your home and your wife reads it.

What you can do:

You should not try to tell lies and hide the matter. You should accept your fault explain the matter truthfully. Explain her about the steps you are taking to deal with the situation tactfully. Don't ever try to run away from the room when your wife wants to discuss about this subject. Talk about it frankly.

Problem: You are with a client and your card is not accepted

You are having a lunch with your client in an expensive restaurant. You insist to pay the bill for the lunch. However, the waiter informs you that your credit card has been declined. Your client comes forward to pay the bill and your face turns pink with shame.

What you can do:

First of all, you should not look humiliated. Rather, you should act as if nothing has happened. Tell your client that it is not a problem at all. You just take out another credit card for paying the bill. Don't start explaining reasons why your card got rejected in the first place. This may make the situation more humiliating.

Financial problems faced by women

Here are the 3 financial problems often faced by women in real life:

Problem: Don't have cash prior to an occasion

Your best friend is getting married within a few days and you don't have money to buy a present. Worse, you don't even have the money to purchase a dress for yourself. You'll get your wage in the next month. You don't want to take out a payday loan.

What you can do:

Tell your best friend on the wedding morning that you will send the gift directly to her home. Your friend will be happy to know that you have decided to take the trouble of sending the gift straight to her house. Ask your another friend or a relative to lend you a dress for the wedding.

Problem: Your date asks you to pay the bill

You are having a romantic dinner with your boyfriend in a restaurant. When the waiter comes for the bill, your boyfriend asks you to pay the bill since he has forgotten to bring his wallet.

What you can do:

Don't fret over him. Instead, you should gladly accept his request. Pay the bill and don't express your disappointment with him. Don't start quarrelling in front of everybody. Your boyfriend must be feeling embarrassed already. So, don't make the situation more difficult for him. If you are utterly disgusted with him, then you can dump him later.

Problem: Exhausting credit limits after a shopping endeavor

You had a terrible fight with your boyfriend and went to a mall to boost your ego. You end up purchasing 10 expensive outfits from the shop and end up exhausting your credit card limit.

What you can do:

Calculate the total money you have spent. Find out whether or not you really needed these items. If you think that you don't need half of these items, then go back to the store and return them without making any delay. The store will refund the money to you.

It is best to find out productive ways to vent out your anger. Avoid going to a shop when you are angry or depressed. You can read a good book or watch television to cool your temper.

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