4 Smart green holiday gifts you can give to your family

By: on 2013-01-15
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Are you bored of giving conventional gifts to your family members in holidays? Do you want to give something new and innovative? If yes, then you can give green gifts to your family members during holidays. These gifts are both useful and eco-friendly. Read on to know about 4 smart green holiday gifts you may give to your family.

4 Green holiday gifts

Here are the 4 green holiday gifts you may give to your family:

1.Laptops: According to a renowned utility firm, the operational costs of laptops are much less than the traditional computers. Laptops are not only handy but also consume less energy than desktop computers. So, next time your brother comes to home for holiday, gift him a trendy laptops with long-lasting battery.

2.Solar battery chargers: Not many people know that traditional battery chargers consume a lot of energy and leads to a high electricity bill. So, if you want to help your family in saving both energy and money, then you can give a solar battery charger. You may be surprised to know that there are various solar battery chargers in the market which can be used for mobile phones, MP players, etc. You can purchase any one of them.

3.Cell phone headsets: You can also give safety gifts to your family members. These gifts are both eco-friendly and safe. Mobile phone headsets, stainless steel utensils, cast iron cookware are some of the items you can give to your family. Food experts recommend households to use stainless steel utensils as it is easier and safer to cook in them. Mobile phone headsets protect one from harmful radiation.

4.Energy saving appliances: One of the most interesting green holiday gifts is energy savings electrical appliances. These appliances help households save energy all the year around. Energy efficient devices normally have "Energy Star" logo on them. So, you can easily identify them.

Finally, another smart green holiday gift is power strips. Domestic devices consume around 75% of electricity bill. Very few people know that these devices consume electricity even when they are in "stand by" mode. The reason is, these devices have internal lights and computers, which consume energy even when they are not used. Power strips can help households save this extra energy. It prevents the devices from drawing energy when they are in "stand by" mode. So, you can definitely give power strips to your near and dear ones in holidays.

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