How to know that you are impatient about your financial goals!

By: on 2018-05-25
Ask Phil Bradford
How to know that you are impatient about your financial goals

Dreams rush! But do you also need to?


There’s absolutely no harm in dreaming about an imaginative lifestyle that you hope to achieve some fine day. If you don’t dream vast, then you won’t be able to achieve much!

So dream big! Bigger to be exact! But should you rush impatiently to accomplish your dreams?

Guess not!

Time is fast and you are a component of time, so you are already fast; you need not worry about that. The art is to have patience and stay calm, and see everything come to you just like that!

Why most of us can’t achieve their financial goals:

Because, we get impatient, desperate, and want to bring our dreams to reality right now, just right about today.

There’s a specific time for everything. Until and unless that time comes, one just cannot accomplish that event forcefully.

I believe we are all traveling with time. Whatever’s happened, was meant to have happened, and whatever will happen, is meant to happen.

You need to go with the rhythm of time. Play and progress along with it. By speeding up, you only lose track of yourself and get derailed.

You need to believe in time and have faith in it. Time sets everything right.

When you set a goal in your mind, be it financial, be it careeristic, or be it anything, the first thing that comes to your mind is how much time it’ll take, like 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 1 year, and so on. So you start doing all the things it takes to bring your goals to reality. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t go beyond the natural force. It will take time, it’s supposed to take.

How to accomplish financial goals the easiest way:

Here I will be listing down a few points to help you become calm and focused on your goals and increase your chances to turn them into reality.

a Set a goal that’s within your reach or limit:

Don’t be absurd while fixing your goals. Be sensible while determining them. Sleepover your goals and see whether or not it will be easy for you to achieve it.

Know your limits and capabilities.

Suppose you believe that your income is not enough to make heavy investments, then why take the pain and pressure in buying stocks and bonds in search of a good return in the future?

Goals are mind friendly and should make you happy. They are not meant to be a burden, that’s too heavy to carry.

b Fix a specific time that’s realistic:

Take for an example, if your income is $5000 and you expect to build a savings of $30,000 and more, and also clear your $20,000 or so debts in a year’s time, then it will be a big pressure and nearly impossible to accomplish this goal.

You have your fixed day to day expenses, a certain allocation for savings, and other obligations. With an income of $60,000 a year, it’s practically impossible to save $ 30,000 or more a year, let alone your debt payments.

The same theory gets applied to your other goals. You can’t expect to buy a vacation home, a costly car, a Macbook, a PS4 and whatnot, all at the same time.

Break the time period for each of your goals. Try to master them one at a time.

c You do your part and have patience:

After you set a sensible and easily achievable goal, you just keep on doing your hard work and wait for time to shower the results.

More impatient you become, more blunders you tend to make.

There’s nothing more I can say, except ask you to wait and watch as you do your part right.

How to understand that you are impatient in achieving your financial goals:

1 You tend to lose hope:

Achieving goal is not easy, that’s why it’s called A Goal.

2 I believe you know how Samuel Beckett said

“Ever tried, Ever failed, no matter. Try again, Fail again, Fail better.”

It will take time and a lot of hard work. But you just need to have the patience; that’s all.

3 You start to change your Goal’s terms, conditions, and type too often:

That’s a big mistake. A goal should be fixed like a constant and not a variable that changes characteristics time to time.

A nice example of this could be, today you have decided you want to save $1000 per month for a certain type of special expense you are about to make.

But tomorrow, you suddenly believe that you cannot save $1k per month, so you lower the amount to $500.

Again the next day you find $500 is too much and you lower it to $200. This way you can never achieve your goals.

That’s all I could have come up with. The rest is completely up to you like how will be your approach toward your financial goals.

But remember that financial goals are toughest to target and toughest to turn into a reality. It involves money at the end of the day. So be intelligent and dream only what’s possible to dream!

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