4 Incredibly easy ways to save dollars doing nothing

By: on 2018-05-31
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4 Incredibly easy ways to save dollars doing nothing

What will be your reaction if I tell you can save dollars without doing anything? Will you be shocked or surprised? Or, will you feel that I’m joking?

See, I’m a lazy person. One of my secret hobbies to spend the entire day on my bed and read a mushy romcom. I crave for such days buy my incredibly busy work schedule hardly allows that. :(

Since I’m a lazy person, so I always try to think about the ways that can help me to achieve my goals just by doing nothing or performing minimal work.

When I was in debt, I had to give a lot of effort to save money and pay back my creditors. At that time, I made a resolution to save a lot of money after getting out of debt.

It took me a few years to kick out my debts. But once I was ‘free’, nothing could stop me from having a joyride for the first three months. I savored the taste of freedom. I enjoyed it with full fervor. But once the free period was over, I started thinking about the ways to save money.

It was easy to learn about the conventional ways to save money by reading a book or watching online tutorials. But my heart wanted to know something. I wanted to know about the ways to save money doing nothing.

After a lot of reading, watching videos, and constructive thinking, I came up with the ways to save dollars doing nothing. I’m sharing a few of them with you.

1 STOP smoking and drinking:

I hate smoking and drinking. Plus, I don’t find the logic behind wasting $100 on liquor or cigarettes. They have no health benefits. Plus, the price of alcohol or cigarettes hardly come down. Actually, the price never comes down only.

Healthwise, it’s bad to pour that liquid down your throat and endure that burning sensation. And it’s sheer madness to spend a good amount on nicotine and alcohol.

The average cost of cigarettes between $6 and $8. Expensive cigarettes cost around $12.85. Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York has recently proposed to increase the cost of a pack of cigarettes to $13 from $10. If you buy even 3 packs of cigarette in a month, then your total monthly expense is $39, and you’ll spend minimum $468 in a year. Check out the price of cigarettes state-by-state

2 Stay away from drugs:

I would never marry a guy who is into drugs; even recreational drugs. Drugs have dragged too many celebrities from riches to rags. Houston McTear, Bobby Driscoll, Danny Bonaduce, Gary Busey, - the list is endless. Drugs affect health and finance badly. Plus they are extremely expensive.

The drug is an addiction. Stay away from people who have recreational drugs. The cost of violating laws is too expensive. I’m sure you would not like to pay this cost.

3 Stop pinning:

Human beings are greedy. They are never satisfied. They pine for the latest and greatest things. People want iPhone 7 when they already have iPhone 5. They want to drive a super fast car, watch latest movies, enjoy the latest fashion, use the latest sound system, apply the recently launched lipstick shade, play latest video games, etc. What people don’t realize is that they waste thousands of dollars in this process.

If you want to save money doing nothing, then stop pining for the greatest things. You can buy a used car in a good condition to save a lot of money. You can play free online video games. You can read free eBooks. You can watch latest movies on the streaming service you have already purchased. It’s that easy.

4 Stop having junk foods:

Just remember one thing, the more you eat, the more you pay. Junk foods not only make you fat but also eat your savings. I know it’s tough to say ‘no’ to burgers, pizzas, french fries, ice cream, chips, cookies, cheese burgers, and hot dogs. But there should be a stopping point.

Stop eating junk foods just for a month. You’ll be surprised to know the total amount saved.

I’m not finished yet

Drive safely and slowly. It will help to save many precious things of your life. It will help to avoid ghastly accidents. It will help to save on auto insurance premiums. You can avoid high premium rates. It will help to lower your car maintenance cost. And most importantly, it can help to save your precious life. Fatal accidents can lead to serious injuries and even painful deaths - either your own or someone else.

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