Surprise your mom with frugal gifts on this Mother's Day

By: on 2013-01-09
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Mother - this 6 letter word weaves a magic in every body's life. Mother is that special woman who loves you unconditionally. She brings you to this wonderful world and teaches you to live in it. She is the one who adores you more than anything in the world. She is happy when you're happy. She is sad when you're sad. In short, she makes your life complete.

Mother's day is approaching soon. Now is your chance to make her feel special. Remember, that she single-handedly manages various aspects of your life 24*7. So, you should capitalize on every opportunity which you get to bring a smile to her face.

If women are ruled by Venus, then perhaps mothers are ruled by heart. Their life is surrounded around you. However, they want nothing from you in return. So, if you have not acquired a job and you have limited money, then there is no need to get panicked. You don't need to purchase a diamond to express the magnitude of your life. Few simple frugal gifts will serve the purpose. Here are a few frugal gift ideas which you can use to make your mother feel special on the Mother’s day.

1. Organize a special event to wash her car: Is your mother working? Does she have to drive her car almost everyday? If this is the case, then you can make a special event to wash her car. Tell your mom that you want to go for a ride with her on the Mother's day. Fix a location with your family and friends from beforehand. Once you reach the location, your family and friends will arrive suddenly and start cleaning her car. She will sit in a place and watch you all adding sparkle to her beloved car.

2. Give her an amazing spa experience: You can take your mom to a spa on the special day. You can spend dollars and take her to a spa, but there is nothing special about it. Every son or daughter can do this.

If you really love your mom, then you need to put in a little more effort. You can convert her own bath to a spa. You can get all the basic ingredients from the market. You can purchase soaps, scented candles, aromatic oils, shower gel, shampoo and aromatherapy infuser from a good shop. Add some rose petals in the bubble bath. Play a soft music so that she transports to yet another world.

Light the candles and arrange them in various corners of the bathroom. Create an enchanting and magical environment in the bathroom. Make sure you place the bath accessories carefully. Add oils and rose petal in the water. Once the arrangement is complete, invite your mother for the full dramatic effect.

3. Make her dance in the evening: Does you mother love to dance? Was she the heart throb of the dancing parties in her youth? If yes, then you can arrange a small party at your own house on the special day. Invite your relatives, friends, neighbors. Arrange a dancing competition. Make someone the judge of the dancing competition. Ask your friend to host the party.

You can also take her to a pub, but do that only when she is comfortable with this thing. She can dance to heart's content in the pub. She can relive her youth while moving her body to the rhythm of the music.

4. Give a new makeover to her shoes: You can take out all the shoes of your mother from the closet and add glitter to them. If possible, give a complete new look to her shoe closet. You have to do the entire thing secretly. Your mother shouldn't get a hint about what you're doing. Once your task is completed, write a good phrase in a piece of paper and attach it to the shoe closet. Your mother will be completely surprised with the whole thing.

Finally, all the mothers love to hear the voices of her family members and children all the time. If your mother loves to listen to her favorite songs while cooking or cleaning, then there is a great frugal gift idea. You can borrow her ipod for a few hours and enter her favorite songs in it. You can enter a poem recited by you or your sister at the school fest.

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