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5 Career options that can help retirees to boost their income

Are you on the verge of retirement or have you said 'good bye' to your job already? If yes, then you must be well aware that some extra cash can help to stretch your budget significantly. Read along to know about some career options which can enable you to earn some extra dollars after retirement.

Jobs that can help you earn money in your golden years

Check out some part-time jobs that enable you to stretch your budget:

1. Work at the same company: If you have been a valuable employee in your company, then your boss may not like to lose you. In such a situation, you can work in same company on a part-time basis. You can go to the office for 2-3 days in a week and earn dollars. The best part is you can spend some time with your colleagues. You can share jokes, knowledge, coffee, etc. with co-worker and earn dollars at the same time.

2. Take up a government job: You can become a part-time government employee after your retirement. Government agencies need part-time workers from time to time. You just need to open your eye and search those jobs. Try for those jobs which are there in your locality or state. Work for the welfare of your community and family.

3. Work as a research analyst: If you love to do research works, then you can volunteer to become a research analyst at the local university. You can study data to develop various projects. You can also assist other researchers to gather information for completing the ongoing projects. This job will be interesting if you have a vast experience in researching.

4. Start freelancing: Most companies recruit people on a contract basis. Employers do not prefer to recruit full-time workers for reducing expenses. The companies are recruiting people on a project basis. For instance, a company recruits you for a certain project. You work in the company till the completion of the project. Once the project is completed, you work at another company on another project.

Some companies also pay people on an hourly basis. You work for a few hours and get paid for your work.

5. Handle the customers: Do you have excellent communication or negotiation skill? If yes, then you can think about working as a customer care officer. Some organizations recruit part-time customer care officers. You can contact those companies and work at the 'help desk'. There are even some companies which permit the customer care officers to work from home. So, you can deal with the customers while sipping coffee at your own home.

If you're good at household work, then you can very well utilize it to make money. You can help people in decorating their house or maintaining their book shelves. If you can bake yummy cookies and cakes, then you can start a catering service for the birthday parties of your neighbors.

Talk with your neighbors and publicize your skills. After all, this is an era of marketing. No body will know that you're good at cooking or stitching unless you talk about it. Once people start appreciating your skills and work, you’ll get loads of assignments. Make sure you don’t offer extra discount just because you’re retired. Charge money on the basis of your work and not on your age.

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