5 Major retirement planning blind spots to watch out for

By: on 2013-01-15
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Small missteps can affect your financial security after retirement. Therefore, it is necessary to know about some major retirement planning mistakes before it is too late. Read on to know about some retirement planning blind spots to watch out for.

Retirement planning mistakes

Here are the 5 retirement planning blind spots to watch out for.

1. Not assessing your financial resources: It has been observed that most people don't calculate the amount of money they will need after retirement to lead a comfortable life. You should calculate your retirement income needs and work out a plan to achieve it. Otherwise, you'll not have adequate funds to maintain a decent standard of life after retirement.

2. Exhausting retirement funds: Several people cash out their retirement funds when they switch or lose jobs. For instance, you have saved a considerable amount of money in your retirement plan. However, once you lose your job or change the company, you withdraw money from the fund. This is a great mistake. This is because you have exhausted all your savings and have to pay early withdrawal penalty. Therefore, if you do change job, then it is advisable to roll over the money to your new employer's plan.

3. Not planning early: Most people presume that they will get enough time for retirement planning after their children are settled. This is a wrong assumption. The fact is when you're in your twenties, you think that your retirement is 40 years later. So, you wait till you're 30. But once you're 30, you start spending money on mortgage, kids' education, etc. This keeps on going till you reach 50. But once you become 50 years old, it is too late to start saving for retirement.

4. Not saving enough: It has been seen that several people don't save enough money for their retirement years thinking that their children will look after them. Well, this is a wrong conception. There is no guarantee that your children will help you financially once you retire. You should start planning for your long term financial needs right now. Otherwise, you may get into financial problems in your retirement years.

5. Wrong investment decisions: Poor investment decisions can destroy your retirement planning. Improper asset allocation, taking too much or too little investment risk can bring down your retirement savings into zero. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional financial expert who can guide you to make right investment decisions and earn huge amount of money.

Last but not the least, you'll find several people giving you retirement planning advice nowadays. You must not listen to all of them. If you do want retirement planning advice, it is always better to consult an experienced retirement specialist.

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