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The job statistics in the country is not remarkable. Recruiters slowed down the hiring process in the month of April 2012. Only 115,000 jobs were created in the last month. This figure is less than that of the previous month. In March 2012, the national economy was able to create 154, 000 jobs.

While some sections of the society are happy to see the unemployment rate touch 8.1% in the month of April, 2012, others are not entirely pleased. The unemployment rate has not declined due to a rapid growth in the job market. It has rather dropped due to lack of initiatives on the part of the unemployed citizens to get a job. The federal government regards only those people unemployed who are searching for a job seriously.

Like most of the average parents, you must also be seriously thinking about the ways in which your beloved son or daughter can get a job in this tough economical situation. You must have regular fights and discussions with your child regarding the subject he/she should major in. You must have already discussed about the pros and cons of choosing different subjects with your child.

Choosing the right subject is important. There is no doubt about that. However, keep it in mind that a degree in a good subject is not enough to procure a job anymore. Your child needs to support it with a professional resume. Some internships or actual job experience can help him/her to enter into the payroll of a company.

Apart from resume and the educational qualification, there is yet another thing on which the recruiters are keeping a close watch. This is your son or daughter's profile in social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The recruiters are following the comments and tweets of your child at various points of time.

There are yet another group of people who are extremely interested about your child's activities in the social networking websites. They are the ones who give scholarships to the students. The goal of the undergraduate students is to get a scholarship to reduce educational expenses. On the other hand, the goal of the graduate students is to get a job. In both the cases, social networking websites are playing a vital role in the modern times.

Now the question arises as to why scholarship and job providers are so interested in keeping a close tab on the activities of the people in the social networking websites? Well, the comments and tweets of the students and non-students give valuable information to the scholarship providers. They are able to accumulate good information about the graduates and undergraduates.

You might not have been bothered about the social media profiles of your children in the past. Rather, you must have been thoroughly annoyed with your child's habit of checking his/her Facebook or Twitter profile every now and then. However, instead of getting annoyed with your child, make it your task to check his/her social media profiles at various times. Most of the scholarships are awarded in the month of May. So, it is high time your child makes his profile clean in the social networking websites.

Check out the few tips that can help your child to make a good impression upon the scholarship providers and recruiters through Facebook and Twitter.

1. Remove offensive remarks: Ask your child to delete provocative comments and pictures from the social networking websites. Request your son or daughter to refrain from vulgar language or slang. Remember that scholarship providers are looking for every opportunity to stop your son or daughter from getting a scholarship.

2. Have a proper writing style: Most of the kids love to write sentences without following grammar and correct spelling. They think it is stylish to write sentences in numbers, additional letters, etc. For instance, they will write 'gr8' instead of great. They will add an extra 'u' to a normal 'thank you' to make an additional stress. Ask your kid to write sentences properly. The scholarship providers would want to know if your child's writing style is as good as in the application form.

Finally ask your son or daughter to update his/her work activities on Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, ask your child to remove the comments that give a bad impression about him/her.

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