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7 Interesting and intelligent ways to splash $1000 in the next year

Creating a smart spending plan at the very beginning of the year can help you keep your financial house in a good condition. Read along to know about 7 best ways to splurge $1000 in the year 2012.

Ways to splurge $1000 in the year 2012

Here are the some 7 interesting and intelligent ways to use $1000 in the year 2012.

1. Boost your career: A rocking career can help you afford all the luxuries in life. It can make your financial house strong. So, use the money to boost your career. Enroll into a professional course. You can join a coaching center by spending around $125 in an hour. You can spend the remaining amount for creating a new resume and purchasing new clothes. You’ll need these things to make a good impression upon the potential employers.

2. Invest in stocks: This is a wrong notion that you need a big amount to invest in a stock market. There are various kinds of stocks which are available at a low price but have good growth potentiality. You can invest in those stocks and reap profits later. Just make sure you buy and sell the stocks at the right time to book your profits.

3. Offer financial help: You can offer financial help to the person who really needs it. If your cousin sister is not able to purchase some books due to some financial problems, then you can help her out. You can gift the books to her. If you can’t afford to purchase all the books, then you can at least pay for a few books. Keep in mind that an educated citizen can potentially help to bring positive change in the country.

4. Purchase a new laptop: Is your present computer not working properly? Do you have to repair it every month? If yes, then you can buy a new laptop within $1000. If you don’t wish to buy a laptop at present, then you can certainly purchase the latest version of iPad within $500. If you’re ready to spend a little more than $1000, then you may get both laptop and iPad at home.

5. Develop the community: You are part of the community. So, naturally you have some responsibility towards it. Give money to the local organizations who are actively involved with the development of the community. Just make sure you do your own homework on the organizations before giving any money to them. Otherwise, your money can go into the pockets of the wrong people.

6. Spend on a disaster kit: Several people have lost their money, lives, properties, etc. to the natural disasters. It is reported that there has been around 19 cyclones in the year 2011. It can’t be said for certain if the year 2012 will be better or worse. However, one thing that can be said for sure is that you need to be prepared for all kinds of situations in the next year.

Purchase a portable generator for your dream abode. You can get this kind of a generator in and around $1000. Even if you have to spend a few extra bucks, don’t hesitate to purchase a portable generator. Keep in mind that big generators will cost much more than the portable ones.

A disaster kit comes extremely handy when a cyclone hits your state. Use the money to make natural disaster kit. Know what you need to keep in the kit from different websites, and purchase the necessary items.

7. Fulfill your desires: If you're a voracious reader who loves purchasing books every month, then you can use the money to buy a basic e-reader. You can purchase an e-reader within $100. Once you have the e-reader, all you need to do is download your favorite books from the websites and start reading. This will help you read various kinds of books without spending a dime.

If you love watching movies or musical shows, then you can spend the money for fulfilling your innermost wishes. You can get minimum 2 tickets for the theaters within $1000. You simply need to choose the shows you want to watch.

Finally, if you're going through a rough patch with your spouse, then you can certainly spend the money to make him/her feel loved and cherished. If you can spend money towards the development of the community, then you should have no problem in purchasing movie tickets or some other gifts for your spouse. Remember, if your spouse is happy, then your life will become easier and happier.

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