Thieves are ready to steal your cards - Protect yourself with 5 tips

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It is the time for vacations. It is the time for having a joyful time with your family. It is also the time to take special care of your credit cards. Criminals are waiting for the time when you take a single wrong step. You can take a wrong step while paying for the dinners, purchasing gift items for your loved ones or while traveling to various places. Thieves will not miss out a single opportunity. They'll just try their best to steal or snatch your credit cards.

You must be aware of the basic things that can help you take care of your credit cards. For example: keeping the plastics in a safe place, not revealing your PIN number, etc. However, there are some other things which you need to do to safe guard your credit cards during a vacation. Read along to know about 5 tips that can help you safe guard your credit cards.

Tips to protect your credit cards during a vacation

Check out the 5 tips that can help you shield your credit cards during a vacation. Protect your wallet and have a great vacation with your family.

1. Let your credit card issuer know about your vacation.

Credit card scams are rampant in the country. This is why credit card companies are very skeptical nowadays. If you make a trip to Florida and use the credit card for making a purchase, the credit card issuer may think that it is a fraud case. He may immediately cancel your credit card. To avoid this predicament, you should inform your credit card issuer about your upcoming trip.

Inform the credit card issuer about the number of days you'll be out of town. If you'll be out of town for 15 days, then inform the credit card issuer that you'll be at a certain place for around 20 days. If you're unable to return to your home within 15 days due to some reasons, you can use the card for the extra 5 days.

2. Take only what you need. Be a smart traveler.

Take only what you really need in your wallet. Be careful about what you are keeping in your wallet. There is no need to take all the credit cards with you. Just grab 1 or 2 credit cards and stash them in your wallet. Make sure your cards are acceptable in the place where you're going. Take one ATM card in your wallet too.

3. Take the phone numbers of the credit card companies.

If the thieves are successful in stealing your credit cards even after taking severe precautions, then what will you possibly do? Well, you probably have to report the matter to the credit card company. In such a situation, you'll need their number. So, note down the phone numbers of the credit card companies in your pocket diary. Don’' lose the diary by any chance.

4. Check the security system of the credit card company.

In 2011, around 8% of the credit card scams have happened in the hotel industry. If you want to avoid a scam, then try to use a credit card. It is safer than a debit card. Find out if the computers in the hotel have encryption technology. On the other hand, check your credit card statements. You can just visit a Internet café and check your credit card account online.

5. Divide credit cards amongst yourselves.

It is unsafe to keep all the credit cards in a single wallet. If you lose your wallet by any chance, then you'll lose all your credit cards at a single go. So, a clever decision will be to distribute the credit cards amongst you and your spouse. You can also keep the plastic cards in different bags. Carry the bags very cautiously. Remember that you can't afford to lose the bag by any chance.

You may have to use ATMs during the vacation. Make sure you use the machines which seem to be secure. Use the ATMs during the days. It is better to not use the ATMs located at the remote place.

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