4 Tricks to engage students in learning financial lessons

By: on 2018-08-07
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4 Tricks to engage students in learning financial lessons

Financial literacy is important; it helps people to avoid the financial mess in life.

Unfortunately, most of us haven’t learned the financial lessons in our school or college life. So, most of us learn about financial dos and don’t in our adulthood. Most of the people learn the financial lesson in a hard way. After falling into a financial trouble, they take the lesson. But the financial lesson should be taught at our tender age. It will help a student to understand the value of financial well-being.

Fortunately, some states in the USA have started giving the financial lesson to the students.

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy has reported that now in most of the high schools, the students have to complete at least an one-semester course in personal finance.

The challenge of giving the financial lesson to students

Well, teaching the financial lesson is a great approach. But, since the subject is complicated and boring, most of the teachers face difficulties to engage their students to learn it.

But, the teacher should try to help the students to learn some important financial lessons like how to open a bank account, pay taxes, and create a budget. It will help them to survive and thrive in life.

The teacher may find difficulties in engaging the students in learning the financial lesson.

But once the teachers explain the benefit of learning the financial lesson in an interesting way, the students will fetch their attention.
4 Tricks of teaching personal financial lessons to the high school students

Well, the personal finance curriculum can be difficult to understand but it does not have to be dull and boring.

Here you go:

1 Browse the internet to find out financial educational resources

Go online to find out websites that offer the game-based financial learning opportunity. Usually, students learn more proactively when they come across some interesting thing.

Some websites contain easy to understand guidelines so that a student or a layman can learn it.

For example:

Practical Money Skills

This website offers interactive games to learn the financial lesson. All basic financial skills are covered. Students of all ages can learn financial lessons through the educational materials offered by this website. Grade based financial plans are also available here.


This website is sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission.

You can get a toolkit for students to learn the financial lesson.

Students can learn how to protect their important financial information online. In this website, they can learn the financial lesson by playing games. Here, they can also understand what phishing attack is and how to respond to a hacking attempt. Students can also get a variety of games and lesson plans.


Teachers can get helpful information from this website. Teachers should go through the FinEdChat blog section to get information and resources. Thus, they can incorporate the ideas into their lesson plans for students.

2 Install the right app on your smartphone

Now, most of the high schoolers keep a smartphone. So, they can install the comparison shopping apps to get the benefit.

Teachers should help the students to understand the meaning of comparison shopping and its advantages.

Students can also use the budgeting app to learn how a budget works and how to manage money.

However, it is recommended to learn how to create a budget on a spreadsheet. It will help you to become a pro in budgeting.

3 Take help of simulation tool

Personal finance simulation tool helps to understand how to manage a checkbook, budget, and other personal financial skills.

4 Take participate in online personal finance games

Most of the students and young fellows are interested in playing video games. Thus, they can take participate in online personal financial games to learn financial lessons while playing.

The online financial games help to learn basic accounting, investment, and retirement savings.

Lastly, technology can be the savior for the teachers to engage the students in learning financial skills. It helps to explain a difficult topic easily; teachers should take advantage of it.

However, many states need to introduce some form of personal finance education at the high school level to help students to learn the basic financial lessons.

Every schools should take help of these tools to explain the difficult financial lessons easily to their students.

The free resources, tools, games, activities, and plans can engage students to help them to achieve financial goals easily without facing problems in life.

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