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Everyone from your landlord to credit card issuer, asks for your Social Security Number. This nine-digit number is very much in demand. You may not get essential services in the country without revealing your Social Security Number. However, does this mean that you'll have to reveal your precious nine-digit number to every one and everybody? Certainly not.

Check out some institutions where you're not legally obliged to reveal your Social Security Number at any cost.

1. School: You can provide your utility bill as an address verification document. If the school administration wants to contact you in case of an emergency, then they can easily reach you through phone. Give your phone number to the school authority. You can even share your email address with the school administration.

2. Departmental store: A store card is used by the retailers to keep a tab on your purchases. Nothing else. This is not a loan or a checking account. So, you don't need to reveal your SSN in any way. If the retailer requests you to write down your SSN on any form, refuse politely.

3. An anonymous person: A sales man or a person organizing a campaign has no business with your SSN. So, there is no need to reveal the nine-digit number. If you wish to purchase something, go to the store and buy a product. There is absolutely no need to reveal your Social Security Number just get some free t-shirts or some other items.

4. A person sending you an email: Have you received an email from a credit card company? Have you been asked to call the number mentioned in the mail? Have you called at that number and been requested to reveal your Social Security Number? If yes, then stop right there and don't reveal your Social Security Number. Get in touch with the customer care officer and talk with him/her regarding this issue. If the customer care officer tells you to reveal the number, then do it without any hesitation. You can also visit the official website of the credit card company and enter your SSN in the correct page.

Why you should not unveil your Social Security Number?

Your SSN is very important number. If anyone gets to know about this number from you or from other sources, then you can be in a big trouble. The person can do anything with this number. For instance: he can open a fake credit card account in your name and purchase things. You won’t even know about it. Actually, you'll know about the account when it is too late.

The identity-thief will leave an enormous credit card bill in your hand. You'll have a hard time in convincing the credit card company that you've not used the card at all. If you can’t prove that you’ve been a victim of identity-theft, then you’ll have to pay the bill out of your pocket.

Finally, if you really have to disclose your SSN, then please check if the people taking note of your nine-digit number have powerful security measures to safeguard it. Identify-thieves have mind-blowing software to hack your SSN. So, don't be surprised if your SSN is hacked even after getting the repeated assurances from people.

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