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Gone are the days when wedding invitations used to fill your heart with excitement and thrill. Wedding invitations have become synonymous with extra expenses putting a hole in your wallet. Besides the big wedding day, you need to purchase several gifts for the pre-wedding ceremonies, which may leave you broke. Glance through the article to know about some frugal ideas that will help you enjoy the wedding ceremony without getting into credit problems.

Frugal wedding gift ideas

Give wedding gifts without putting a strain to your wallet

Go through the following lines to know about some interesting wedding gifts you can give without putting a strain to your wallet:

1. Set a budget for purchasing the wedding gift: Always remember that you have been invited to the wedding party because you are special to the host. It is a ritual to participate in the celebration with a gift. So, it is better to plan ahead for the wedding party before attending it. It will help you buy a suitable gift without inviting financial troubles.

Set a budget for the wedding gift. If your budget is $130, then make sure your purchase the gift within this amount. However, if you find a good item at $140, then don't hesitate it to buy it. One should not be too mercenary.

2. Give an inexpensive gift in destination wedding: Is your friend marrying at an exotic tropical island? Do you have to stay there till the wedding celebrations are over? If yes, then there is no need to purchase an expensive gift for the couple. No one will expect you to give a lavish gift since you have to spend a huge chunk of money just to reach the wedding venue. The bridegroom may not be expecting any wedding present at all.

However, you can give a beautiful wedding card or a basket to the bridegroom. This will make the couple feel loved and cherished.

3. Buy an expensive gift in group: Your best friend is getting married. Your friend is very rich and expects you to give him a lavish gift, which he can show to his family with pride. You would love to give an expensive gift to your best friend, but don't have the financial means to do so. In such a circumstance, you can give an expensive gift in group.

For example, you and the other nine or ten friends can contribute $200 each. So, in total you can accumulate $2000 and purchase a lovely gift for your friend. For instance, you can give a hand-tailored suit or a diamond ring.

4. Purchase a small gift for each party: If you have been invited to all the pre-wedding ceremonies, then it does not mean that you'll have to purchase multiple gifts. You don't have to attend every party with a gift in hand. However, if you do want give something, then you can give a bouquet of flowers or a packet of chocolates or a collage of photographs.

5. Send the gift after 6 months: According to a popular legend, guests can send a gift to the newly married couples before their first anniversary. No one believes this legend any more. However, if you can't afford to purchase a gift at the time of wedding due to some financial constraints, then make sure you send the present within the next 6 months. Don't delay it till one year as it makes a bad impression.

Finally, even if you can't join the wedding party due to some urgent work, then also you should send a gift to the bridegroom. People invite you to the wedding party to bless the couple and not for the money. If you can't afford to send a gift, then you can congratulate the couple over phone. Some people find it more endearing than the material gifts.

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