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How are you going to spend your tax rebate this year?

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Question of the Month is yet another effort by the debtcc team to enhance the community knowledge bank. It’s a monthly contest and every month a challenging question will be thrown before the members for responses. The best answer will be chosen collectively at the end of the month by the debtcc members and the admin panel of the site. The winner of this contest will receive a handsome reward of a $50. The purpose behind this idea is to encourage the members to share their real life experiences in dealing with the financial challenges. Though different financial issues are being discussed across the debtcc board, but it doesn’t leave much scope to the members to share their personal experiences. Here is the place where it can be done, and also that the new members can get the innovative ideas to deal with their debts along with the conventional ones.

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Question 17: How are you going to spend your tax rebate this year?

Hopefully, you would get a fat tax rebate check from the Government this year. How are you planning to spend it? Feel free to share your ideas.

Winner Post

Trophy iconAnswer 1:I have new priorites, and thats been the best thing that has come out of my overwhelming amount of debt. First, I will repay all of my non-mortgage debt ($25k to go). Once thats done, Id like to begin saving in earnest for my childrens education. A rebate check will help with those goals, but Im convinced I can get there regardless, with a little hard work and perseverance.

Answer Posted by |ball_mich

The other answers worth mentioning are:

Answer 2:I divorced last summer and moved from Minnesota to Florida. My refund got me into my new apartment and I paid my rent ahead 2 months. Being very frugal, I furnished my new apartment for under $300. My daughter knows my budgetting ways and really doesnt complain too much...she is good about saving money. However she will be getting a brand new bike this weekend for her birthday. There are lots of things I wanted to get with the money but I stuck with everything I needed.

Answer Posted by | SOAPLADY

Answer 3:Hopefully I will get a tax rebate check. This is the first I have heard of it.

I am not sure how I would spend it if I were to get it. I would probably tuck it away for a rainy day. Or for next year when I will probably have to pay Uncle Sam back for it...... LOL! nothing is free from the Government.!

Answer Posted by | lorim1971

Answer 4:I am going to spend mine on a fence and catching up on bills. If there is any funds leftover, I really want to buy exercise equipment so that I can get healthy. Plus, I would love to fix my teeth, years of being poor and homeless have caused my teeth to be disgusting to the point that I hate going into public, I cry a lot because of it.

Answer Posted by | prkkwalker

Answer 5:My husband and I spent a lot of time discussing this very topic just before we got our return. We wanted to have a plan before actually getting the money since it is so easy to " Live like the rich when you have a pocket full of money!" I mean, who doesnt want a new big screen TV and a trip to Hawaii!! Without a plan, I was afraid we would overspend on unnecessary things before sitting down together and looking at past due bills or things collecting dust on our credit reports. I knew we would get enough to at least pay all of our immediate bills and past due bills. So that was #1. We have been talking about buying a house since we met over 5 years ago, but never had good enough credit. So paying some of the more recent things on our credit reports was #2. ( I say more recent things because you NEVER want to start with the oldest. Either they are nearing the "7 year drop off" or they have gone dormant and any "new activity" will pull down your score. Its like waking a sleeping giant. Thats a no no. ) Then finally, if there was anything left, we would do some shopping for unnecessary "fun stuff", because even though it isnt stuff we need, sometimes it lifts the spirits to splurge just a little. Plus, after completing numbers 1 and 2, I think we earned it :)

So when we got our number from the IRS, it was far more than we expected which was great. We had this great plan, and we stuck to it. We payed all of our immediate and past due bills. Then we went to our credit reports, and not only took care of some stuff, we also found some things that didnt seem quite right. We decided to dispute them and they were deemed inaccurate and removed from our reports! BONUS!! We bought a new TV and a Wii (you know, for the spirits :) and when we were done, we had money left. Instead of spending it, we agreed to pay our bills ahead one month so we had a great fresh start for the year.

Every year before, we get our money and go crazy at the stores and buy all kinds of stuff. A few weeks later, we would be the same two people with a bunch of new stuff and a pile of bills on the desk, and, you guessed it, no more money. This time, I have to say, feels fantastic to be one step ahead of the game :)

Answer Posted by | Jamie Bellah

Answer 6:I have already paid off 50% of my debt. Well, we all know that, paying off debts earlier is always better & if we procrastinate to pay off it they will charge late fees & highest interest rates & it’s going more difficult to pay off them .this year I planned to spend my tax rebate check to pay off my credit card debt. This check will help me to pay off my some bills & other types of debts. I would like to be thankful government to mail me Tax Rebate check of this year.

Answer Posted by | Chandrashekhar

Answer 7:simply put, im not. year after year i have noticed a vicious pattern with my husband an i that we can never get out of. something breaks an we have to fix it we use a card. then we use every last dollar we have to pay off the card an we never ever get ahead. cause about the time we pay off the card something new happens that causes us to use the card again an never getting anything saved. never getting ahead.

so as much as those few cards with balances on them are making me nuts, i refuse to spend a dollar of my refund on paying them off. im committed to save this year no matter what. i picked up a few cleaning jobs were that will all go into savings an add to the balance every week, as i continue to slowly pay off the balances of those cards.

this year i actually got a pretty decent amount an plan on stashing it away an building a nice nest egg incase of emergencies, job loss, or illness. all my other plans have been failed attempts to relieve ourselves from the debt we owe by borrowing an paying borrowing an paying. hopefully this plan works!

Answer Posted by | love_my_things

Answer 8:rebate money most likely would go to the biggest debt I owe. My mother always said One drop at a time will eventually fill the barrel" In order to get rid of bad credit, the best to do is help pay them off with rebate money instead of spending on something you dont really need when your financially strapped.

Answer Posted by | martha del valle

Answer 9:I have already received my tax refund. I was quite excited to have paid off a two Capital One cards COMPLETELY. I also completely paid off a student loan debt. It would have been nice if I had used some for a vacation or something fun like that, but if I am honest with myself I know that the benefit of not having those 3 payments anymore are much more worth it!!!!

Answer Posted by | EmilyH

Answer 10:I am doing home improvements, as well as paying for a new vehicle in cash. I am also saving some for emergency situations, and a little on my kids :) I will spend a little on my self for working all year, and I will give my mother in law a little to help her out as she just had a knee replacement surgery!

Answer Posted by | Jennifer Schoch

Answer 11:My plan for my tax refund it to put it towards a down-payment on a new car. Right before my Christmas my car died and while my mom and my boyfriend have tried very hard to help me get around I really do need a car of my own. I have had to turn down extra work hours and interviews for better jobs because I could not get a ride to where I needed to go. Im hoping that by putting my tax return towards a down-payment I will be able to get reliable transportation again.

Answer Posted by | Ashley Meyer

Answer 12:I am going to use my tax rebate this year to reduce the cost of foods consumed in my household without sacrificing the quality and health benefits derived from serving nutritious meals and snacks. The question is "How?" The "Answer"€ is complete meal, vegetable, fruit, jelly and jam, relish, meat and fish “CANNING†with ingredients acquired from specialty markets, you-pick-it farms, family garden, and other ingredient sources.

Answer Posted by | Barbara Freemon

Answer 13:I will be using my tax rebate to start over again after being laid off for a year. My husband and I had been doing all that we could to make ends meet off of $12 an hour plus unemployment. It did not help that I had just given birth, but had little money to care for my child. I never had to use government aid, but I found myself going to the Salvation Army for food and rental assistance. For the first time collections people were nagging me, and driving me to sleepless nights. The only place I found peace and stability was church because my life had been turned upside down. Now, I have a job , and I am happy to say that the worry has now subsided. My husband and I will have a nice tax rebate this year, and I am proud to say that we will be able to start over by catching up on the bills that we missed, as well as the time spent having fun. We will be able to do things that I use to take for granted. Like, spend $20 on a movie. I will fineally be able to get my child a crib and other much needed items. Things are looking up!

Answer Posted by | Timmekko Davis

Answer 14:With my tax rebate, I first plan on making a down payment on a small affordable car. Since I didnt get a birthday present on the Ninth of January, this car will be my (late!) birthday present! With whats left, I am investing in a little home-based business, something that I plan on doing in the evenings when I get home from work that way I have additional income coming in, or, shall we say, two multiple streams of income. I know how much Im getting back so, this year, life will be a lot sweeter for me!

Answer Posted by | msteeinfo

Answer 15:I will get $524 dollars back this year from the IRS. This money will be put into my checking account that I will tap to pay a debt settlement. The settlement is for $989. I put roughly $100 a month into my savings account. So it will not take me too far from the amount already there to get it back to where I have it. It has taken me a few years to get this collection agency to settle with me. One more after this one, and I am WOOOOHOOOO, out of debt, and on my way to saving. Last year I paid all my creditors an extra hundred dollars from my tax return money. I look at it as a way to save each year to pay something down, or in this case almost all the way off. Next year I hope to have all my debts paid off, and the tax return can go into savings that will have grow to roughly $300 a month put into it, by paying creditors off to 0 balance.

Answer Posted by | iwearthestar

Answer 16:Im waiting to see if pres. Obama takes it for something else. He seems to shuffle the deck until he gets it the way he wants.(e.g.) the 2 wars,we should have had a pres. that has experience with military operations,Medicaid he should have put caps on the insurance companies instead of the citizens of the U.S.A.,taking over G.M.,I never know where he, Obama, will spend our money.

Answer Posted by | gcox11

Answer 17:This year, I plan to use my tax rebate to help me stay afloat. Ive just moved to California in January and its been a bit tough. My refund will really help me out and help me get through another month or two. When we moved here, my boyfriend did not have as much saved as we would have hoped so I had to cover his expenses for a while too. Im just starting out on my own and learning a lot. So, at this time, my tax rebate will help me survive.

Answer Posted by | shack.las

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