When we are in Love, we do crazy things. What special thing have you done / can do for that special someone without overspending?

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Question 6: When we are in Love, we do crazy things. What special thing have you done / can do for that special someone without overspending?
Love is Life. There is/was someone in everyones life who has/had a special place in our heart. When cupid strikes we simply become crazy and do crazy things. Share your memories or plans with us that you have either done or intend to do for that special someone without overspending.

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Answer 1: Someone countless years ago coined the cliche "it is the thought that counts!" If you are lucky as I am that still rings true. I have been known to stop at the side of the road and cut flowers and bring them home to my wife, or make my own Valentine and write the message from my heart rather than buying the words of a stranger. Giving your loved one a pedicure or a foot massage is another gesture that says you care. All these things are free and mean more than the expensive gift that had little thought. There is no reason to shut down during times of financial stress when the only good thing you may have is your significant other. Accepting every apology and never bringing up the past is both free and a great investment in the future of your relationship.

Answer Posted by |frogpatch

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Answer 2: Being in love, especially a "new" love, can evoke emotions that perhaps you didnt know existed. Suddenly your life takes on a new meaning, purpose. With that comes the desire to show that "love" just how much they mean to you. Society has taught us that material things equal caring. The more you get, the more you mean to someone. Not so much in my book. Anyone can buy a gift but "gifting" your heart and time to someone special is truly an experience of a lifetime. Once that has been accomplished the rest is easy. A "love" doesnt expect you to "do", they desire you to "be". BE there through it all, good, bad or indifferent. My ideal day of "being" is, cooking that special dinner just because, making that certain dessert that takes you half a day to make, (and another half just to clean up!) watching a football game (or a chick flick) on a Sunday afternoon, when you KNOW you have a million other things you should or could be doing, and when the end of that day comes, saying "I love you", and meaning it. "Priceless" without benefit of being in the poorhouse!

Answer Posted by |llw1995

Answer 3: The key to doing something special is knowing the person for which you are doing something special. I made a cd of special songs for a person once and added little pictures to it to make it into a special presentation just for them because they had a passion for music. Also I have written a heartfelt letter of all the reasons why I love them and will cherish them in my life. This doesnt even have to be a romantic love as I have done it for both my mom and dad, its amazing how much you realize when you get older. Also if a person likes being pampered you can set up your own mini spa at your house and do their hair fingers and toes and even give them a massage, all for less than they would pay at a real spa, and they have the extra special attention that you cared enough to do it for them. Just some ideas.

Answer Posted by |leathernlacekitten

Answer 4: My boyfriend was feeling a little homesick, being 2,500 miles away from his family who live in a rural area in Utah. To make him feel more at home, and to make his birthday extra special, I called his mother up and asked her for her shepherds pie recipe. On the night of his birthday, he came home to his favorite home made dinner. He was also pleasantly surprised when I brought the cake out I had made, also a family recipe. On top of the cake were oreo crumbs and little plastic models of farming equipment. With a grin slapped on his face and the love gleaming through his sapphire eyes, I knew I had accomplished my goal: to make him happy.

Answer Posted by |Michelle Gonzalez

Answer 5: I have learned over the past years that the best gifts you can give to someone are time. The most important thing I did for my son was to make more time for him. He, like any other child, asks for things all the time. Usually, the most recent commercial items. I explain to him about our budget and we compromise on small things. Hes incredibly excited about our next big event. We are going next weekend to a park not too far from here, about a 20 minute drive. Well pack a cooler with hamburgers, pasta salad, chips and dip, and fruit salad (all made at home), take our charcoal and lighter fluid and grill at the park. After that, well play on the playground for a little while and then take a swim in the lake.

The next adventure is a camping trip on Grandmas property!!!

For the different type of love. When my ex husband graduated from college, I wanted to do something extra special for him, but I was pretty much broke and didnt have the extra to spend on a nice gift for him. Instead, I decided it might be nicer and more romantic to stay in. I rented his favorite movies, and spent most of the day preparing a home made meal, everthing from scratch. I wanted it to be extra special.

Answer Posted by |jennifer_bailey75

Answer 6: For a very dear friend whose father was dying, I cleaned her entire house while she was away. When she came back from her fathers funeral, exhausted emotionally and physically, she returned to a spotless home.

It cost me only time and a little labor, and 5 years later, she still tears up thinking about how she felt so cared for in a time of true need.

Answer Posted by |Myra Emmons

Answer 7: Love for each other can be showered through-out the year. It doesnt require a specific day to remember your loved one. Love is not a remembrance day. Love is all about Caring and Sharing, be their for each other at all times (both highs and lows). According to my sweet wife the sweetest and most expensive gift I ever gave her was on our Wedding party where I sang "I want to Spend my Lifetime Loving You" (from the film “Mask of Zorroâ€) for her.

Answer Posted by |enlightened

Answer 8: To me, love is priceless. I once made a coupon booklet for my sweetie that was good for "1 romantic dinner", "1 massage", "1 batch of cookies", "1 bubble bath" and so forth. I went to the craft store and just picked up some colored paper and printed them up and stapled it into a booklet. The whole thing cost maybe $3.00. The idea is that it is a gift that can go on for days or months and doesnt die like flowers. Its thoughts and time together.

Answer Posted by |jenoliver33

Answer 9: I think the best thing a woman can do for her man is totally free - When he gets home from work meet him at the door with a nice meal dressed in lingere (or nothing at all). Food and sex - Thats the way to a mans heart! And it will mean much more to him and stick much longer in his memory then buying him some expensive gadget.

Answer Posted by |goudah2424

Answer 10: They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, and there is some truth to that.

When I was living with my boyfriend of a few months while relocating for a new job, it was sometimes difficult to come up with inexpensive "dates," especially since the relationship itself had been long-distance and for less than a year. One night, I pulled out one of those Chef Boyardee Home Pizza Kits ($3.99) and a bag of shredded mozzarella, and we made our own pizza while staying in and snuggling up in front of some "Scrubs." It was WAY tastier and more nutritious (one of our other favorite dates is going to the gym together) than ordering Dominos or going out, and we got to spend quality time in the kitchen together!

Answer Posted by |Ashley1216830082

Answer 11: Oh My! Spending money should be the last thing you think of. It is so much better to give from the heart. Cook a special meal and serve it by candle light or a romantic picnic.
Follow it up with a message and you can't go wrong.
Right now if my honey wants to impress me, all he has to do is clean the house. I would swoon of that!

Answer Posted by |mommontoya

Answer 12: During our second anniversary, I was overwhelmed with debt. Each dime mattered to me. But I seriously wanted to do something for my wife to show-off my Love for her as I used to be too busy to get-out of debt. So, that D-day, I came back home early and made hamburgers for both of us. But among those hamburgers, I curved one of it in the shape of a Heart and served it as the first dish to her (though there was no second dish but only Hamburgers). It was the least expensive gift I ever gave her. To my utmost surprise she started crying. I was on the back foot. Upon asking she told me that it was the nicest gift she ever had. Still after 5 years, we recollect those days when we were passing through a rough patch but never forgot to show-off our love for each other through these small, inexpensive but everlasting gestures. It doesn't require money to show your love for that special someone. It only requires feelings for each other. It is only this that gave us the nerve to sail through the lowest point of our life.

Answer Posted by |phoenix

Answer 13: Take over my financies for a year, if they know what they are doing, and at the end of that year to be out of debt completely, 6 months of an liquid cash (emergency fund) set aside, to have my FICO socre above 700, a savings account started with a least a 3% interest rate, a great checking with all the respected and helpful bells and whistles at a great bank established, a monthly spending plan (budget) set in place by an accountant, a "at-call" help group and personal coach ready at my whim to help me if I begin to stumble back into debt.

That is what a person I love or in love with me would do. And believe it or not, you can do this without spending alot of money....think about it.


Answer Posted by |Lukeskywalker

Answer 14: I dont believe that in order to show someone you love them you need to spend alot of money on them. I believe the best thing you could do for someone you love is to only spend what you can afford to spend. This is so important especially when you first start out dating. That way there are no expectations and you are being truly honest and up front with the person.

Answer Posted by |spatterson_40

Answer 15: cook a romantic dinner and run a nice hot bubble bath filled with rose pedals. then you have the bed fixed up and also decorated with rose pedals.

Answer Posted by |shaquita_scott

Answer 16: the best thing you could do for someone would be to get their favorite flower, cook them their favorite meal, have their favorite drink, and song playing in the background...follow dinner with a nice, hot, bubble-bath, followed by a relaxing body massage.

Answer Posted by |Teach5520

Answer 17: When I was 21, I was in love with a guy (who didnt really love me), his best friend WAS in love with me and a guy friend of mine THOUGHT he was in love with me (got that?)
I naturally wanted to keep them all happy (who doesnt want 3 guys after them!), so I decided to do the "womanly thing" and ask them over for dinner.
I had my mood music ready---the soundtrack from "Saturday Night Fever" (dont laugh) for during dinner and The Eagles "Greatest Hits" for the seduction, I mean discussion after dinner.
I asked the first guy over for dinner on a Friday night. I was cooking my "specialty" spaghetti (Prego with hamburger and a handful of oregano), salad and garlic bread. I figured if I could wow them with my beauty, charm and sex appeal (!), they wouldnt realize I couldnt really cook. Well, I mustve looked really good or had on a cute outfit or something cause guy number one said "damn you cook good!". Mission accomplished.
I put the leftover sauce in the freezer. The next Friday night, I invited guy number 2 over. Out came the frozen sauce, buy fresh bread and make a salad. Now, this guy would eat anything, so naturally he thought I was Julia Child or something. But, he did say I looked cute while he was skarfing up the spaghetti. Leftover sauce went into the freezer.
The following Friday night out came the leftover sauce, except now it was pretty much gone. Guy number 3 came over and I served him a bowl of lettuce, garlic bread and a small plate of spaghetti. This guy was so in love with me, that I could tell him anything and he would believe it. So I said that in Italy, people started off their dinners with large salads and bread and that spaghetti was a side dish or sometimes it was even eaten as dessert (I am such a creative LIAR).
Now, did I save money? Heck yeah, I saved money. One jar of Prego, a couple bags of lettuce and some french bread and I made it last for 3 dates!!!! No overspending here! I liked the $2.50 an hour I made (minimum wage in 1977)---I wasnt going to spend any more than I had to. I needed it for important stuff like makeup and 8-track tapes.
Did I do all this for someone I loved? I did...did any of us really love each other? In the end, no...but it sure was FUN!
I forgot one big thing, I made sure that each of them brought a bottle of wine when they came to dinner. This way if any of them questioned my culinary expertise I could blame it on their drinking too much wine.
Thank you for letting me travel down memory lane.

Answer Posted by |Lorri

Answer 18: the craziest thing i have done for love was move away from all my family because my then boyfriend didnt like them. we had no money coming in but i was so in love it stuck in there struggling to pay all the bills by myself and still give him money to have in his pocket. until he left to go back to cali to supposivly visit his family not seeing him again until 2 years later where he thought i was suppose to just stop my life to let him back in it. the the best thing that came out of this was when he left a week before he came back i met my husband and we were blessed with a son. so i guess i should thank him for leaving then huh.........

Answer Posted by |blinkyberry

Answer 19: The craziest thing I EVER DONE, with my boyfriend.

We were just starting out in our relationship, and I went east to visit family. He missed me sooo bad that he flew out there just to see me. When my vacation with my family was over, instead of getting on my flight home, me and my boyfriend decided to hit the bus and see where we end up.

We went from Pennsylvania to New York and we spent a few days at Niagra Falls were we exchanged our first "I love you" behind the falls. Hopped the country line and partied in Niagra Falls, Canada. Came back and went to Washington DC and spent our 4th of July there. Talk about Independence Day at the capital. Then we headed up to Chicago and caught a concert from my favorite band. This was a celebration of our 2 month anniversary. After that, we took a train all the way back home to California to let reality of school, work and priority set in..

Its been 2 years since weve been together and we look back on how good life was when reality didnt set in yet.

Answer Posted by |menda_44

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