9 Things you can get without paying a dime

By: on 2012-10-08
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It is true that everything in life doesn't come for free of cost. However, there are certain things which you can get without paying a dime. Here are 9 things you can get for absolutely free of cost.

1. One carry-on baggage

You don't have to pay anything for one carry-on baggage. You usually have to pay a charge to the airlines for every checked baggage. However, there are some airlines which allow one checked bag per person for free.

2. Search for a branch ATM

Instead of paying a convenience fee for using an ATM which is not connected to your bank's network, use applications such as ATM Hunter to find a branch ATM from where you can withdraw cash free of cost.

3. Kids can eat free

There are several restaurants all across the country where you don't have to pay a cent for your kid's food. In order to search for a restaurant, you can browse through mykidseatfree.com to locate such a restaurant nearby; all you have to do is type the cist and name of the state and you can get your choice of restaurants.

4. Useful software for free

Certain websites offer some useful software absolutely free. You can get software for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. So, whatever software you want, just search for such websites in the Google and you might get one as per your choice.

5. A free car to travel

The car delivery companies need to deliver cars from one place to another. Though they are usually delivered by trucks, but they are driven too. If you have a clean driving record, you can drive a car to a destination where you want to travel. However, you have to pay for the gas and coming back can be problematic as you need to book a flight or train, or have to wait at the other end for such a drive-away car to your preferred destination.

6. Advertise throw away items in Craigslist

Why don't you advertise your throw-away items in the Craigslist or similar websites to sell the products and use the money to buy things of your choice. You can also donate the unused items to a charity instead of throwing them into the trash.

7. Websites offering free samples

Instead of vising the departmental stores for travel packages of toiletries, browse through websites like volition.com which offer free samples of common toiletries such as, shampoos, soaps along with free tickets for movie screenings, circus tickets and similar other things.

8. Call friends for free

Does it seem impossible to call your friend without paying anything? Yes, it is possible. Just install Google Voice or Skype and video chat with your friend without paying a dime. However, you need to have good internet connection to talk without any interruption.

9. Buy a water filter

Apparently it may seem that you need to invest in order to buy a water filter. But by buying a filter, you can have tap water and you don't have to buy packaged water from a department store.

Above all, you can get your credit reports once a year from AnnualCreditReport.com absolutely free. So, visit this website and check your credit reports and correct errors, if any. You have to look for both incorrect items and the negative items so that you can get them rectified or add positive items to your reports. It will help you have a good credit score and in turn, you can take out loans and buy insurance policies at your suitable terms and conditions.

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