Is it wise to wait for having a baby until you become debt free?

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Is it wise to wait for having a baby until you become debt free?
Is it wise to wait for having a baby until you become debt free?

Giving priority to paying off your debts is crucial. But, is it more important than having a baby? People have mixed views when they were asked if they should get out of debts before having kids.

Scenario Yes No I’m not sure
Should people get out of debt before having kids? 48% 40% 12%

*A recent survey conducted by

But, when people were asked that “Will you wait for a baby until your debts are being paid off?”, a decent number of people answered “Yes” (32%), but others had a different opinion (68%).

There are people who believe having kids mustn’t be a total financial decision. Money does have some affect on it, but there are also other criteria to consider.

Let’s examine those reasons for which people think it’s not always good to wait for kids until you’re completely out of your debt burden.

1 The amazing feeling of having a baby

Having kids might be one of the most anticipated and amazing things that can happen to any couple. Having a baby in your life can change you and your surroundings. You can’t imagine how much happiness and joy it may bring to you. Kids make ourselves close to the family.

So, why should you avoid such amazing feeling and happiness?

2 Increasing health risk

The health risks for people in their mid 30’s are higher than their 20’s. So, if you take too much time to have babies, your child may encounter high risks of birth defects from you. Women also face several pregnancy-oriented issues after a certain age. The would-be mothers may also have high risks of miscarriage and serious health issues if they get pregnant after the age of 35/40.

Due to undisciplined lifestyle, pollution, hereditary health issue, and many other problems, the mother and father both can face infertility oriented issues. The number of sperm count and fertile egg will decrease after the age of 30.

3 Babies aren’t too expensive

Raising a baby does require a decent amount of money, but you can’t consider it as an expensive investment. Many people think having a baby while you’re in debt could demolish your debt reduction plans. But that’s not true.

Of course, there are several regular costs like the baby food, medical check up, clothes, toys, etc, but these are the basic cost of raising a child and none of them are as expensive as people have anticipated.

There are so many ways to save money on baby spending. You just need to research and implement the method that suits you the most. The way you manage your debts, the same way you can save money on your baby. When your kids get older, the costs will increase simultaneously. Before that time comes, it is expected that you’ll be in a better financial state.

4 Kids may help to focus

Babies or kids may help you to focus on hard working. Think - you’re working on a debt reduction plan and constantly trying to save more money. If you have a baby in this situation, you might want to work extra to earn more.

Your kids will encourage you to put extra effort or labor towards fulfilling your financial target. You’ll have the dedication to earn more for your family, to meet special needs for your children, and save towards your debt payments.

5 Nobody can decide the perfect timing for having kids

Our lives will always be full of hectic, complex situations and we will never be less busy to call it a perfect time for planning a family. Waiting for the perfect time could make you even wait for a long time. The situations might differ. With time you may solve your debt problems. But there might be some other issues when you need to take desperate measures. So, there will never be a perfect time. You can try to make the things perfect, but you’ll drive yourself crazy thinking about why the time isn’t just right.

6 Plans for future

It’s alright to have kids. You just need to properly plan a budget for your future parenthood. Make sure to list all the necessary expenses for raising a child. Remember, you might be living on a single income, so don’t make any financial decision that can hamper your budget.

Also, make sure that you love your spouse and your relationship more than anything. After all, your spouse and you will raise your baby against all odds.

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