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Ways you can make the difficult financial decision easily

Sometimes, you have no choice but to make some big decisions.

It can be buying a house, getting married, planning for a baby, switching a job, taking out a loan, paying off debts, and so on.

A big financial decision can affect other members of your family.

To make the difficult financial decision easily, you have to think about its effect on others around you.

Therefore, sometimes, making the decision becomes harder. In this kind of situation, you have to be cautious, too.

Here are some crucial financial choices that often create dilemma among people:

1 Paying off debt or saving money/ building an emergency fund/ saving for a retirement

Deciding a subject like "Should I pay off debt or save" isn't easy; there are many factors to decide how to prioritize.

For example, if your debt is costing you more than your total income, then you should pay off the debt first. If you are paying more on the interest than earning an interest on the saving, then you are actually losing money.

If you have a high-interest consumer debt (credit card debt, payday loans), then you should pay it off first. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage your finances.

On the other hand, a mortgage and a student loan are not a consumer debt.

They may have a low-interest rate and tax-deductible interest. So, making the monthly payments make sense.

But, ignoring an emergency fund can invite further debts when an unexpected expense comes. So, if your debt has a low-interest rate, try to prioritize your savings goal.

Melissa Joy, CFP professional, partner and director of wealth management at the Center for Financial Planning in Southfield, Michigan has said, “If you don’t have any savings, focusing solely on paying debt can backfire when unexpected needs or costs come up. You might need to borrow again, and debt can become a revolving door,”

As per the financial experts, it is advisable to keep an emergency fund on which you can manage expenses of about three to six months.

It is also important to save for retirement.

Therefore, you should contribute enough money to the 401(k) to get the maximum employer match.

2 What to consider: Buy or rent

Before making the choice, ask yourself, " Am I financially prepared to buy a home?"

Knowing the financial state is important before making a decision like buying a home. Because you need to have the financial ability to make the monthly mortgage payments on time.

You have to make a big down payment, and your lender will check your credit history before lending you money.

Thus, you have to work on your financial readiness before making such a big financial decision. Thus, for the time being, renting can be a better option than buying a home.

Homeownership is a pride and necessary to start a family. However, you have to make yourself financially prepared for that.

A lot of people are under pressure; their family wants them to buy a home.

But, using the emergency fund to make the down payment is not a wise financial decision.

By doing so, your family or partner may feel delighted, but soon you may fall into tremendous financial pressure.

Thus, it is important to examine your needs and wants thoroughly. Talk to your spouse, partner or family about your financial ability, priority, and goals.

Remember, delaying a privilege is better than welcoming dangers.

3 What to use - A debit card or a credit card

The shortest and simplest answer is - use a credit card, but make sure you are able to pay off the bill in full within the stipulated time.

Credit cards are not only convenient financial weapons, but also help to manage the spending well. How?

You just need to allot a credit card for the definite monthly expenses such as grocery shopping; however, make sure you pay off the entire balance every month.

By using credit cards, you may also enjoy the cash back rewards from your favorite store.

In addition to this, they offer fraud protection, identity theft protection, and purchase protection, to the consumers.

Moreover, consumers can get additional benefits like rebate, discounts, cash back, by using reward credit cards.

Most importantly, using a credit card is important to build a good credit history. But, you have to be committed when it comes to paying your credit card bills.

I have already mentioned that consumer debts come with higher interest rate. Once you fall into credit card debts, it will cost you dearly on the interest rate. Thus, it is advisable to use a debit card or cash if you are not financially ready to take the responsibility of a credit card.

Using a debit or cash helps you to know when to stop. When you are using a debit card, you have to spend money staying within your means.

Thus, financial experts advice to the novice consumer to start with a prepaid credit card.

Thus, they will not fall into costly credit card debt while building a credit history.

Few things you have to be aware of while making important money decisions:

1 Set goals and give yourself deadlines

Some people delay the plan just because to avoid complications. But, when it comes to a dilemma like "paying off debt or saving money" you shouldn't delay in making the decision, otherwise, you may be in financial trouble shortly.

Therefore, without wasting time on "this or that", you should give yourself a deadline. By doing so, you will stay focused.

2 Move forward slowly

Most of us make decisions too quickly; soon we regret the choices we made.

Thus, when it comes to make a decision like "rent or buy", you have to think judiciously.

You should think about your financial ability and financial priority to make the right decision.

3 Make yourself financially ready to take challenges

Getting a grip over finance is not easy; you have to work hard.

If you don't take challenges, you will not overcome the fear of making the wrong choices.

Thus, it is advisable to make yourself ready.

If plan "A" doesn't work, plan "B" should be applied.

If you ask for a pay raise and the employer denies, then you have to search another job to survive.

If you don't ask for a pay hike due to the fear of job loss, then your financial situation will never improve.

Lastly, people often neglect personal finance topics to discuss because they feel the topic is too boring and analytical. Yes, I agree that making financial decisions can make you overwhelm but they are important in life.

If you don’t make proper financial decisions and don’t focus on your financial goals, you will never be able to have a peaceful financial life.

Thus, you should focus on your vision.

Laura Mattia, the founder of the Women’s Money Empowerment Network has said, "Put a picture of the house you want to buy on your computer or whatever it is that will motivate you and just keep working towards that goal. It may sound corny but it works like magic".

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