Be wary of Nigerian email scams

By: on 2013-01-17
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A few days back, I saw an email in my inbox. Below is the snippet of the e-mail.

Dear Friend,

I am interested in building and operating a very viable business as a means of investment abroad. I do not know too well on how this is done in your country, so I will need you to help me in this regard. My preference is any good profit yielding business and I would appreciate any viable ideas you could come up with. I will also need you to help me look for properties like homes and lands for sale as I am proposing to invest the sum of Twenty Million United States Dollars($20,000,000.00 USD) for this. I do not know if you can and will be of help to me.I will brief you on my personality; my name is Ali Mustapha Kamaradin, a Morrocan business man based in Nigeria. I am a retired Business man, I was formally into private Shipping Business. I am 52 years of age, married with a wife and 4 lovely kids.

I didnot continue with my Shipping business because it wasn't producing profitable income. The Nigerian Authority are not cooperating with me because I am a foreigner. My need for this business proposition and to acquire these properties is very urgent as I am planning to move out of this country with my family down to your country. I want you to also aid me in finding a good home where my family and I will live in. (Mini Estate)Please I expect your good and prompt reply so that we can proceed swiftly. I will need your phone and fax numbers for easier communication with you incase I am unable to access my emails.


Best Regards,
Mustapha Kamaradin.

Tel : +234 802 291 7664

Such emails are scams run by con artists. Remember, do not give out your personal info to anybody whom you do not know.

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