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Usually, single women like to date men who can manage finances well. Debt is a major turnoff for the women. They would rather stay single instead of mingling with men burdened with the debt load. A survey conducted amongst 1005 adults, a few years back, revealed that the most grown-ups regard debt as a turn-off in a relationship. Lies about money and debt related matters are enough to break a relationship.

The GenY men and women believe that it is important for the partners to have a similar view about money to have a successful relationship. The credit counselors are neither shocked nor surprised by the result of the survey. They opine that money is one of the main sources of quarrels between the couples. The difference of opinion about financial matters does embark troubles. Minor problems can turn into serious troubles, which can eventually ruin a relationship.

In fact, a renowned counselor and family therapist opines that money is often used as a weapon to control a relationship. Love is not the only factor which keeps couples together. It is the money which makes or breaks a relationship.

Check out some of the startling facts that were revealed in the survey:

1 Women are likely to end a relationship over debt:

Around 70 percent of women would end their relationship if it is discovered that men had told lies about paying regular bills. About 2 out of 3 women consider secret debt to have a chilling effect on a relationship. On the other hand, 55 percent women would say final "good bye" to their partners if they're drowned in debt.

Men have a more liberal attitude towards money matters. Only 37 percent men would terminate their relationship because of debt problems.

2 Financial infidelity is considered as a big sin

Infidelity in any form is big turnoff in a relationship for 84 percent adults. Some of the couples have said that they would say "it is over" after their partners lost job.

Almost 57 percent of the women don't like to have a relationship with men drowned in debt.

3 Credit score plays a major role in love life

If you're thinking about proposing to a girl on the valentine's day, then have a look at your credit score first. The women are smart and intelligent. They know the importance of credit score in America. As such, the girl to whom you wish to propose may ask to see your credit score. This is because as per the result of the survey, 57 percent of women would want to know about their partners' credit score.

4 Financial compatibility is a necessity in a relationship

Approximately 68 percent of the adults said that financial compatibility is important. Partners should share a similar view about money management. However, 73 percent of the people also said that it is very difficult to experience ultimate financial bliss.

5 Most women don't trust men with debt

Nearly 62 percent of women wouldn't be able to trust their partners if they have debt. Men are slightly more forgiving than women. Nearly, 53 percent of women wouldn't trust partners if they're careless about financial matters.

One fact has been established from the result of the survey. If you'd want to have an everlasting relationship with your partner, then be responsible about money. Straighten your finances and get over your debt problems. Speak truth to your partner if you really want your romance bloom amidst the thorns.

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