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Haller, Harlan & Taylor

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Consumer Debt Help Association was established to make a positive impact in people lives by freeing them from the burden of debt through consumer debt negotiation. The debt negotiation process we offer is designed to help people become, and continue to live debt-free. We do not and never will outsource, sell or share your protected information, and are committed to providing all of the information, support and guidance you need. Our policy with each and every client is to share all we know about consumer debt negotiation. We will comply with and agree with full disclosure according to the IAPDA and other industry organizations.

Our Debt Negotiators are IAPDA Certified Debt Arbitrators, that offer years of experience in both the credit and collections industry and have founded Consumer Debt Help Association. to assist consumers in need of quality debt settlement at a reduced rate and more fair manner than other debt negotiation or debt settlement firms. We understand you are already faced with mounting debt and we want what is best for you, not our pockets.

Your creditors and unsecured debt collection firms will be asked to communicate with our office directly to discuss your debt settlement options. This allows for some relief from the stress that you may have been experiencing in regard to your calls or communications. Your creditors are advised of our involvement based on the uniqueness of each account and based on the timing and status of the account(s).

After successful negotiations with your creditors we obtain letters from them which outline the exact specifics of the settlements in writing. Once we receive each letter from each creditor you will elect to accept or reject each and every offer and then pay the agreed upon settlement amount to your creditor and our performance.





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