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Haller, Harlan & Taylor

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Debt Settlement:

Requirements for Our Debt Settlement Program:
1) Minimum of $750 balance on each debt included.
2) Unsecured Debt such as Credit Cards, signature loans, store cards, collections, etc ..

In most cases, Debt Settlement can:
1) Allow you to pay substantially less than full balances owed.
2) Dramatically reduce creditor harassment.
3) Prevent judgments and garnishments against you.

1) Call us to set up an appointment to review your debts.
2) We review all of your debts and generate a payoff amount and monthly payment options.
3) Sign the paperwork and let us do the work!
4) One debit will occur every month and deposited into your own trust account until the accounts are settled.

Our fee mainly depends on the amount of debt that you would like to settle. Please contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to explain the cost of the program.
Typical Results/Benefits:

* All settled debts paid in full in 1-60 months (You decide).
* Pay substantially less than the total amount due.
* One easy monthly payment.
* Be debt free.
* Your money is kept in a FDIC insured bank account.




  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Consolidation

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Crusader Consumer Services4340 East Kentucky Ave.Workshops Offices #123 80246 Glendale Colorado 80246

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Phone: 7187707899
Fax: 3472940625