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Doug Johnson is a consumer advocate in support of people who are struggling with debt. As host of the popular radio talk show, The Truth About Debt Relief, Doug arms debtors with truthful, factual, unbiased information relative to all options for the relief of debt. Informed debtors are then introduced to proven professionals who are able to implement the option best suited for each debtor's situation and goals. During his show, Doug also reveals outside-the-box remedies and strategies that are highly effective in assisting people who are struggling with all forms of debt, including student loans and mortgages. In his writings and lectures, Doug points out that every debtor will choose and implement one of nine options in order to satisfy debt obligations. The theme of Doug's work for the past 10 years has been to educate debtors as to downside of each option, in order to protect them from false claims made by Debt Relief Salespeople. It has also been Doug's goal to diffuse misleading information disseminated by popular financial/debt/credit advisors, whose advice is biased by influence from government, educational institutions, large corporations and the mainstream media. In addition to his radio show, Doug is available for personal consultations to speak with debtors who are committed to taking the steps necessary to alleviate their debt. Doug does not charge a fee for his educational and referral service.



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