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# Questions Consolidation loan Consolidation program
1. Does it offer free counseling?
2. Does it trim down the outstanding balances?
3. Does it reduce your monthly payments?
4. Does it help you negotiate with your creditors?
5. Does it help to slash interest rates?
6. Does it stop collection calls?
7. Can your creditors register a case against you?
8. Does it require you to pay a fee?
9. Can you repay unsecured debts?
10. Do you need to pledge security?
11. Is it an expensive way to repay debt?
12. Are you paying more money in total?
13. Does it assist you pay back secured loans?
14. Does it make a positive impact on credit score?
15. Is the repayment term short?
16. Is it compulsory to draw up a contract?
17. Is it offered by a bank?
18. Does it require you to pay tax?
19. Is it necessary to have equity in your home?
20. Can you clear your dues with single monthly payments?
21. Does it help you ditch your debts?
22. Is there any credit check?
23. Can you still use your credit cards?
24. Can you buy a property in future?
25. Is bankruptcy a better option?
26. Can you leave it in the midway?
27. Does it help repay cash advance loans?
28. Can you repay student loans?
29. Can your property be foreclosed?
30. Do you need to hire an attorney?
31. Can you repay utility bills?