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Applicant Information

SSN: 392-72-8573
Current Address: 309 Cedar Street #89,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Former Address: 309 Cedar Street #89,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Report Number: YYYYYYYY
Report Date: March 28, 2004
Date of Birth: 1950
AIN: 0258259584
Residence type: Nuclear family
Geographical Code: 123456789...
Phone numbers: (831) 888 8888
Spouse: Arthur
Address: CA
Report Date: 03/2004
Designation: Personal Assistant
Recruited: 05/2003
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Negative Items (The items that may have a negative impact on the creditor)

Public Records

Santa Cruz Main Courthouse
Address: 701 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz, CA
Type: Civil judgment
Plaintiff: Chase
Amount claimed: $400
Responsibility: Individual
Court Type - County
Date filed: 10/2003
Date Resolved: 02/2004
Status: Judgment paid
Plaintiff Lawyer - Alex Wilson

Credit Items

ABC Companies INC
Address: 1100 Main Street, Buffalo
Account Number: 14545872...
Account Status: Past due 180 days
Account Type: Installment
Terms: 14 months
Monthly Payment:
Responsibility: Individual
Original amount: $658
Account Opening Date :5/2002
Reported Since: 6/2002
Last Reported: 1/2003
High Balance: Not Applicable
Recent Balance: $600
Last Payment: $45
Date of Status: 02/2004
Central Valley Commercial Corp
Address: P.O Box 469, Prather California
Account Number: 4554565545...
Account Status: $450 past due
Account Type: Installment
Terms: $50 for 12 months
Monthly Payment: $0
Responsibility: Individual
Original Creditor: Citibank
Original amount: $450
Account Opening Date: 3/2003
Reported Since: 04/2003
Last Reported: 04/2003
High Balance: Not Applicable
Recent Balance: $450
Last Payment: $0
Date of Status: 04/2003
Consumer Statement:
The consumer has disputed the item

Accounts in Good Standing

United Auto Credit Corporation
Address: 18191 Von Karman Avenue #300
Irvine, CA 92612-7102
Account Number: 564789854...
Account Type: Installment
Date Opened: 1/2003
Date Closed: 12/2003
Date Paid: 12/2003
Responsibility: Individual
Account Status: Paid in Full
Original Amount: $15,459
Last Payment: $0
Recent Balance: 1,150
Terms: 22 months
High Balance: N.A
Monthly Payment: $175
Credit Card Processing Corporations
Address: 3480 Granada Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051-3478
Account Number: 1578975789...
Account Type: Revolving
Date Opened: 2/2003
Date Closed: 6/2003
Date Paid: 6/2003
Responsibility: Individual
Account Status: Closed
Original Amount: Not Applicable
Last payment: $0
Recent Balance: 1,150
Terms: 2 months
High Balance: $4,567
Monthly payment: $0

Inquiries for Your Credit History

Requests viewed by creditors
Union Bank of California
Address: 445 S. Figueroa St.
Plaza Level
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Date of Request
Purpose - Financial Transaction
Inquiry Type - Individual
Oakwood Mountain View
555 West Middlefield Road
Mountain View, California 94043-3543
Date of Request
Inquiry Type - Lease Issue
Requests viewed by you section is only viewed by the consumer
California Bank and Trust
PO Box 7168
Pasadena, CA 91109-7168
Date of Request
Alliance Bank
120 Madison Street
18th Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202
Date of Request
American Express
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285
Date of Request

Consumer Statements

Date Reported
Statement Type
Victim statements

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