Get debt consultation absolutely free of cost!

Our community helps you with no-obligation free debt counseling in order to get you out of debt problems. You'll get personalized guidance from a debt consultant who'll assess your financial situation and suggest the right way to get relief from debt.

How do you get free consultation?

We follow the BBB (Better Business Bureau) business model. In this model, consumers get references to companies from the BBB website, absolutely free of cost. The BBB in turn charges a certain fee to those companies. Similarly, we refer you to a debt consultant and help you get a free consultation. However, the consultant pays us a membership fee.

Do you have to pay for negotiation?

Once the no-obligation free counseling session is over, and the consultant receives your approval for negotiating with creditors, he'll disclose whatever fees you may have to pay him. Here's what you should know about the consultant fees.

  • No fee may be charged for getting enrolled in a program.
  • There may be minimum fees required for negotiation.
  • The consultant may be associated to a non-profit agency that accepts voluntary contributions.

Last Updated on: Tue, 14 Jul 2015