Five secret steps towards debt free life

If you're in stuck in debt, the best way to manage it is to plan your budget and keep a track of where you're spending your money. Moreover, you need to understand the difference between your needs and wants. There are simple steps which you should follow in order to pay off debt and lead a happy and debt free life.

Given below are 5 secret steps to making your life debt free.

1. Budgeting:

A proper plan of income and expenditure helps to avoid debt. It is necessary to properly organize and categorize your finances. This way, you will have a ready reference of your financial position.

2. Savings:

A penny saved is equivalent to a penny earned. Savings is a practical method of wealth creation. Savings allow you to look forward to a secure future. Financial emergencies can be tackled successfully with savings, thus enabling you to stay away from debts.

3. Search for utility gifts:

Giving gifts is a good social response. But do not be carried away by the urge to give costly gifts. The depths of your feelings are never judged by the price tags of your gifts. Make it a habit to prefer the utility value of the gifts, rather than their price tag.

4. Arrest your spending spree:

Unbridled expenses are the perfect way to fall in a debt trap. It is a wise habit to prepare a shopping list before going to shop. Also, once inside the shop, buy the things which you want and step out as quickly as possible. Spend the minimum possible time inside the shop.

5. Check your credit card use:

Credit cards are the surest means of getting into debts. Do not use more than one credit card. Better still, shop with cash. This will help you to keep a quick track of your spending.

Beware of the festive season: The festive season brings with it the need for socializing and entertaining people. While entertaining people at home make sure that the menu is prepared beforehand. Avoid wastage of food at all cost. Festivals like Christmas involve a lot of expenses. Make sure you plan for such expenditure in advance.

Proper financial planning is the secret to a debt free life. Maintain a strict money management policy and develop the habit of savings. Prioritize your needs and act accordingly and you will stay clear of the debt monster throughout your life.

Last Updated on: Wed, 11 Apr 2018