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They called me today and gave me a court case number and said that I should be receiving a subpoena in the mail. I fell behind in payments and had fraud done of my account so pretty much, there was nothing I could do at the time. When I explained to the phone person at the Academy that in a month or two, I could completely pay off the balance, she told me that I needed to pay them check by phone or wire money TODAY! Should I be worried about going to court, or having my wages garnished? I have never experienced anything this extreme in my life!

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Hi smileyface

If the said debt is legitimate, then I fear that you will have to face legal action. However, you can enroll yourself for a free counseling in this website for specialist advice from the trained consultant.


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roxette roxette

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Academy Services (ACS) has been harassing me....but now they're going to pay! They allege I owe a debt and kept leaving messages on my voicemail... and at other times they block their phone number (ie: Number Witheld or Unavailable appears on the screen) when they call. Next,they called my mothers house and left a message. My Mother called them back to find out what the call was about. My mother spoke to Hugh Arnold x5604. When asked what the call was about, Mr. Arnold asked "are you Mr.Gumby's wife"? To which my mother replied "I'm Mrs. Gumby" (Please note: She never answered yes or said she was my wife)Mr. Arnold then told my mother I had a debt for X number pf dollars and told her all the details of this alleged debt. 1.)It is illegal to harass my family members and 2.) It's illegal to notify anyone of your information unless they are your spouse, attorney or parent IF YOU ARE A MINOR! ACS has screwed up. I spoke to Mr. Arnold who was very defensive. He said they tape all conversations and would play the tape for me. I accepted his offer. Now, he's been dragging his feet for a week now and not able to present any tape.I spoke to two supervisors and say they will call me back tomorrow. I told the "Complaints" Mgr. named Melanie Cruz at ext 2821 that I was demanding the following to settle my charges against them: 1.) They issue me a letter stating my acct. is PAID IN FULL. 2.) They re-age the account, send me a letter stating so, and making sure none of this appears on my credit report, as I have very good credit. I told her a failure to work out an amicable solution will result in the following: 1.) I will notify Citibank about ACS's illegal practices. They do not like this. 2.) I will file a complaint with the FTC and other gov't agencies. 3.) I will file charges in court to recover actual damages, plus $1,000 in additional damages.
I'll let you know how this turns out BUT: If you've been abused by ACS, you can file a complaint online. The FTC takes these charges seriously IF more people complain versus only one.

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While you send the letter, make sure that you ask them to validate it too. They should provide the complete details of your accounts with specific interest calculations.

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ben ben

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my husband and i bought a housa in jan of 01in white city kansas. we got way behind on our credit cards and could no longer pay them. we were told that there would be a judgement placed on the house and if we ever sold it the cc co. would collect from the sale of the house. their lawyer said we didn't earn enough for them to garnish our wages. we've since then moved. we currently live in san antonio texas, we are buying a mobil home. we were unable to sell our house in kansas so my sister found some renters to live in and pay rent on the kansas house which we use for the house payment, house insurance water bill and all the expenses of upkeeping a house. well, my sister and her husband were served some papers today saying that the credit card company is going to start garnishing THEIR wages on OUR debt. can you please let me know if that is legal?? both of the houses are in both mine and my husbands name, and my sister and her husband are just collecting our rent money for us. thank-you, Sandra and Charles spires jr

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If the debt is valid and you have not paid it, the creditors have the power to take legal actions. They will issue a notice and if you are not able to pay it within that period also, they might auction your property.

At this time, you need to talk with your creditors and stop them from making further actions. It can be stopped only if you can pay them. You can take a consolidation program to ease up the work and let the consultant handle your creditors in a professional way.

Once the judgment is entered, the consultant won't be able to prevent it. It is only at the present situation the consultant might be able to offer some help to you. Register yourself in the link given below to get in touch with the consultant before it gets too late.

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ben ben

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this Academy company is completley off their rocker. I hope at some point the athorities will catch up with them and put them out of business. Harrasment is a kind word to use about them. They don't care if it is not the right person, they keep calling. I say we all keep calling their number 800-441-6881 over and over and over again to run up their 800 number costs. Everyone send emails to all their friends to keep calling 800-441-6881 and harrass them back.

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Did you send them in writing that you refuse to telephonic conversations? Hope they won't appreciate violating the fdcpa laws.

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ben ben

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I've dealt with these ACS Tony Soprano wannabes. Tried to work out payment with Citibank when I was out of work, but Citibank told me they weren't interested and sent me to ACS. They were astoundingly dumb, mostly uneducated foul-mouths, and ignored settlement offers and offers to set up payment plans. Wound up paying every other debt I had at the time in full within a few months of my troubles and telling the ACS jokers to stuff it. Guess what, disappeared anyways off my credit report within 18 months and caused minimal long-term damage.

They make the threats and harass you because if your debt is small (like mine was), they don't have the profit margin to justify suing. So, they hire a bunch of greasy junior high dropouts in New Jersey to try to intimidate you.

Whether a debt is legitimate or not, if you get contacted by these grade-A morons, strongly consider telling them to go to heck.

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My father, my grandfather and myself all have the same name. We all have a credit file from the same address and home phone number. My credit is good i pay my bills. My grandfathers is great he pays his bills. My problem is my looser father who sometimes works for me. (Hasn't for about 6 month)went charged up stuff and has failed to pay.They have been calling me for a year or so on my cell phone and the business phone. I have told them they need to seek the actual person who owes the debt I have given them numbers and everything. They still calll me Maybe because they think I may do something about it. I dont care what happens to the guy. But How can I get them to stop calling me. I sent them a fax and they called me back 3x within an hour......

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