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Wow, these notes are growing quick.
Received a call to contact a neighbor.
Contacted them back to verify message. Stated wanted me to disreguard I had ever heard of them. I hope that is the case!

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This company is doing very illegal dealings to get people to try to pay. The Fair Credit Act says that after they have been told that they cannot talk to you at work, they continue to call. Also, they have a habit of lying about who they are in order to talk to you, which is also illegal, as they are not allowed by the same act, to misrepresent themselves. They have several numbers. 215-281-7500; 800-441-6881; 800-220-0605; as well as a few others. I just keep hanging up. It's been over six months now and still they try. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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I got a call for my neighbor who is dead! He has been gone at lease 3 years! I will press charges against these people if they keep calling me! when i went to the BBB i got this message. This company is not a member of the BBB. The Better Business Bureau is unable to process complaints against this company because responding to the complaints would violate privacy and disclosure laws set by the Fair Debt Collection Act. Any correspondence received would be processed as a comment letter and forwarded to the company. The Financial Institutions Division is a state agency that regulates collection agencies in Nevada. To file a complaint through the Financial Institutions Division, you must obtain a certified complaint form.Financial Institutions Division 2501 E Sahara Ave. Suite #300 Las Vegas, NV 89104 Ph. (702) 486-4120 Fax (702) 486-4563

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The first one was rude,the last one was a nicer person,but,I do not like when she ask me to wire money thru western union..that's a no-no...The want my checking info. which is uncalled for..How do I sue them?..need advice..thanks..

Sub: #15 posted on Wed, 04/13/2005 - 03:03


Wow. This page scared me to death, reading some of the things people had to say about this particular company. Not such an unpleasant experience on the phone with them, but I decided to check with the original creditor to ease my mind. After holding for nearly five minutes, I was connected with Academy Services, so at least now I know they are collecting for that creditor and not trying to steal my money.

Also, the gentleman I spoke with told me they were offering to settle half of the debt. After I agreed he asked me to hold, came back and told me 65% was the best he could offer. Kinda shady if you ask me.

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These guys are the absolute biggest a$$holes in the world. I have virtually ZERO debt but a fairly common name and they keep harrassing me for someone else's debt. I even turned the Air Force JAG office on them and they are STILL harrassing me. Once you tell them they have the wrong person, it is ILLEGAL for them to continue calling you (per the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act). However they have no problem violating Federal Law. Someone even called from their offices claiming to be an attorney, which is afurther violation of law. These guys just suck!!

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I received a call on my cell phone from them looking for my sister in law. Apparently they are somehow able to cross reference records to find people related to or even who live near their intended target. Unbelievable :roll:

Sub: #18 posted on Tue, 05/17/2005 - 13:41


These people have been calling me for 2 yrs. for someone I never heard of. Must have had my phone # before ... & I'm seriously thinking about changing it. I told them (& others) that this was a wrong #, which is TRUE!, and it worked for everyone else ... but these people just seemed to take a break before calling back. And yes, I've had one abusive call when I tried to set them straight. Mostly, I let them waste time & delete their messages from my answering machine ... since I really have nothing to do with it.

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I have just moved into a home for a little less than 3 years and have had numerous phone calls for the previous tenant. The thing is how are they pulling up "his" name with my address?????

Should'nt they figure it out that the names dont match???

I tried to tell their repersentatve Shelly Port at 800-441-6881 x5689 that the person does not live there. She stopped me in the middle of my sentence and started to sound like my 2 year old "blah...blah....blah" then she hung up.

calling this company rude is an understatement.

The local police department just arrived and spke to Mark Diaz the acting supervisor and it seems like he was confused about the situation.

The officer spoke with him and he instucted him that we have a California harrasment law tha they are breaking.

Hopefully they will stop calling and we can get some peace here.

Good luck to you all.

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