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They have my cell phone number listed for someone they are trying to collect on. I have no idea who the person is and for over a year I have been trying to get them to stop calling me. It is my business cell and they call at all hours, blow horns into the voice mail, etc. Yesterday they called twice. I may have to change my cell number to get rid of them. Thsi is very upsetting. I just filed a complaint with the state of CT consumer--appreciate that tip from jean above.

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These morons have been calling my office for the past year to speak with the old manager (gone now for FOUR years!). When I explained that this guy was no longer here, nor did I know where to find him, they STILL keep calling!

As for them calling your ralatives, etc. my guess is that they do it INTENTIONALLY to try to embarrass you into paying them. "Oh my gosh, Harvey! They called Mom! If we don't pay, EVERYONE'S gonna know!!!"

These people are scum, and should be treated acordingly


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VG and Randall

Do pick up a cease and desist letter from this forum and send it to their company address. They are required to stop calling you after receiving your letter. If they continue, you are in charge of filing a class action lawsuit. Send your letter certified with return receipt requested.

Have a look at this thread: ml

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ben ben

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federal laws require they use real names.
Lisa Craven is not a real name.
Lyn Trainer come on, that is not a real name.
These are noms de guerre.

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they are laughable. they will get 30% of wages.
no that does not happen. they can get a judgement.
they have to collect. the cost of debt plus legal
will be $ 30,000. great. find a vein.
just their job to keep you on the phone.
you call back. tape to call. wait for them to
tell you a mis-statement of Fair credit reporting act.
and call your attorney. call the ftc. let the govt.
or your attorney handle it.

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I have the same problem with ACS. They keep calling my house. They wanted me to pay $1500 by today, the Nov. 30th. At first I thought maybe I can borrow the money from my parents because I don't have that kind of money right now. They wanted me to borrow money from my family and my bank, I don't think so. My parents can't help me out right now because it was too late of notice. When I tried to call them back they refused to make any payment changes and threatened that I should would have to pay the full amount or have my attorney call them. I have begun consolidating my bills and informed them, but they refused to accept it. I am tired of the phone calls. I can't pay these people 1500 and still try to pay off other bills too.

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Hi Durant1

Welcome to the forums.

Have you including the bills of ACS in the consolidation program? If so, it is the responsibility of the consolidation company to negotiate with ACS and thus, you are not supposed to get any calls requesting payments.

Talk to the consultant and he will let you know about your next move.

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roxette roxette

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are you being harrassed? well let your feelings be known by emailing your thoughts to

email address made inactive as per forum rules - Vikas

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I received a call from them yesterday evening. That it was imperative I call them and I had until 5:00pm(PST). I received the call at 4:33pm. I called back and there was no answer. It sounds like they are hard to work with. I really don't want them calling me at work or thru my cell phone. Is there anyway I have correspondences with this company thru mail only because I have no idea who they are? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Click the link below and get the mailing address of Academy Collection Service-

Probably they are calling you for collecting some unpaid accounts. You can definitely tell them not to call your cell. Tell them that you would like to be contacted through mails. Send your letter through certified mail with return receipt requested.

Please browse this forum as it will help you to handle this situation.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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