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Contact the collection agency and describe the actual case. Mention your full name, something unique must be there, I guess. Try to attract their attention towards your DOB.

Also keep on watching your credit report frequently. If they report these charge off accounts in your name, it might hurt your score and you have to dispute it immediately.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Gumby108, what you wrote helps a lot & it's defenitely something to think about and possibly act on. Many thanks. This board is a huge releif. After a horrible call yesterday I wanted to file a complaint with the police dept. in L.A. Today the same person calls as if nothing had happened and makes the same request. This time w/o the threats.

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This is the rudest group of people! This is not my debt (it's my daughters) and she has been gone from my home for more than 5 yrs. Now these people are threating to serve me @ work. I've told them not to phone me that this is where I work and it's not my bill or responsibility.

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Are you the co-signer of your daughter's account? collection agencies can contact co-signers to collect the due amount. They are also allowed to call debtor's relatives to confirm the contact details of the debtor.

You can refer the agency to your daughter's present address, so that they can get in touch with the right person.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Explaining the situation that they are contacting the wrong person, you can send them a cease and desist letter. They are legally forced to stop all collection efforts. Send your letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. It will serve as a valid proof and you can take actions if they don't abide by it.

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ben ben

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I am trying to research to see if this is even a legitimate company. They called me up out of the blue about a week and a half ago. The first person I talked to was actually pleasant to deal with. However, I got a message later the same day from another person that was very rude sounding. I had already agreed to get back with the first person in a couple of days, but after recieving the second call on the same day I have just been ignoring them. I will not answer or return any of their calls until I can verify that this is a legitimate company.

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What do these people do and why are they calling me?? They call my cell phone multiple times a day while i'm at work and sometimes block their number. I assume they are a collection agency but I don't owe any money!! I'm 19 and don't even have any credit yet!! I don't see what I could owe them...I've never even heard of them!! Is this going to screw up my credit??

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I have been receiving calls by them sometime in Sept. 05. Some a__hole named Paul Roberts gets on and immediately says "This is Paul Roberts, call me back at 1800-220-0605 ext. 4671!" and then hangs up. He doesn't even state the name of the company or what he wants. I looked up the number and found this website with all the comments. THANK YOU whoever started this for doing so. Now I know they are a scam, I will not even bother calling them.

I agree with Robert, if they call, don't even bother calling back. It takes no effort to delete their stupid messages.

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1-800-220-0605. 1-800-220-0605.1-800-220-0605. Academy collection academy collection academy colection academy collection acs acs acs acs 18002200605 18002200605 18002200605

Ruthless immoral company who call family members of people with sketchy credit and demand payment. The claim there is a debt that needs to be paid when there is none.

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I have been recieving phone calls from this company now for about a week, evertime i answer they hang up...any advice???

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