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I also am receiving these harrassing phone calls. This company will not remove your number even when they cannot verify any information that you have dealings with them and it is an obvious wrong number. File a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry as I did and hopefully the government will resolve this.

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hello debtors and collectors i work for academy collections in philadelphia and i am here to answer some of the questions you have on your message boards.i am just a collector and am also a debtor,there are ways to get a round owing a debt as well as ways we can ask for your money,now that doesn't mean that we are allowed to get rude with you but sometimes before we get a word out our mouths you yell is that fair!!!but you want us to be lenient so i figured as a christmas gift to ease your minds i will help you out.the reason for the different phone num are this: the 800 nums are for the people in different parts of the states tht are long distance to us the 215-271 nums are for people in the corporate offices and the 215-320 num is for people in are area if you notice thts why when you look at your caller id it comes up 1-800 acs8888..instead of trying to shake us why don't u try to listen i always give settlements instead of balances and i make sure that the debtors have my schedule and can contact me at any time of the day.if you have a lawyer save us time and just give the num add and name. if your family member is elderly just say you have power of attorney if ...Now i can only spk for myself but i don't think its fair that you call all of us rude!!!! wht do you think? from jonesl

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now my name is jonesl and i wrk for academy collections in philadelphia and i dont think its right that you classify all collectors as bad collector.i take my job very seriously.i try to help but its hard to do that when you guys yell at the top of your lungs "screw you" or "i'm not paying this B#@$%!!"I tell you what I'll give you some pointers listen if we get rude hang up you have to realize that we are debtors to andall the num are for different states and different offices we have 3 offices located in different areas so sometimes they might show as different nums..but what I am really saying is don't classify everyone as bad I helped alot of people of debts with companies that I have debts with,please just be alittle nicer

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What are my options on a 20,000 dollar debt? What are the consequeses? Does anyone know? HELP

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Don't get upset. We, the members of this board raise our voice against those debt collectors who break laws and harass consumers. Unfortunately they are larger in number in comparison with good debt collectors.

We do admit that there are collection agencies that help debtors get out of debt. Please go through the link below- sh.html

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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[quote= Cindy]What are my options on a 20,000 dollar debt?[/quote]
You have following options in your hand-

1)ignore the debt
2)pay it

[quote=Cindy]What are the consequeses?[/quote]

If you ignore the debt, it will go delinquent. Some collection agency might make your life hell to collect the debt. If the account is reported as ???Charge-off??? your credit record will start showing it and it will be there for 7 years.

You can pay the debt. It will help you to maintain your credit worthiness. However if you have any financial problem in making monthly payments, you can go for the third option, that is consolidation. By consolidating your debts, you can reduce the principal amount and rate of interest. Moreover you need not face your creditor any more; the consolidation company will negotiate with your creditors and help you repay the debt.

Bankruptcy is your last option. It is always advised not to go for bankruptcy because it damages your credit badly. Besides it is tough to file bankruptcy after the reformation of bankruptcy laws.

So, decide what is right for you. Feel free to ask your queries here. You can also register with this site to get a free counseling.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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I received a call from the 215-320-0424 number today about 2:30 PM. The caller said that they were calling long distance and did I have a Richard Brown in my neighborhood. When I said "no", the caller said "thank you" and hung up. I traced the number to the above captioned and this discussion. I definitely do not need people like this calling me.

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I work at the academy office in philadelphia,(not jersey)all we want from people is to be human, dont be an a$$ if we call your house and its the wrong number just say that we have the wrong number, dont get a c0cky attitude..if you just say wrong number and hang up guess what??We are gonna call you again..if we are calling you it is either because we have the wrong number or, you owe a bank a large sum of money...and if the second is true well then stop****in be a real man or woman and pay your bill...oh yeah by the way I give below blanket settlements all the time, that means below what the bank is requesting..and most of the time we can break it in payments, so just relax, cal in and be nice..ext 2527

[color=Red]****Adult term removed - Jason[/color]

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I should have found this site *before* I talked to these people today. They have left several messages on my machine - never saying who they were or whom they represented. The last message was a lady named Cynthia saying that she needed my attorney's name and number, because her client was filing a complaint in the state of Texas. Huh? Attorney? I've never talked to these people before. I called her back, because I want to take care of this stuff and get out of the hole. She gave me a good offer - 50% of my original debt. I had to pay it right then and there, though. They wanted my checking information over the phone, and they won't send any agreement information until *after* they have your payment information. I know that I was in the wrong for getting into debt, but these people bother me, because 1)they misrepresent themselves over the phone and 2) they want you to make the agreement and pay over the phone. I would have been much more comfortable getting an offer in the mail and paying it off through the mail.

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umpasamy umpasamy

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Academy is, in fact, the absolute scum of the industry. I've been in the collections business for 25 years, and they are the worst I've ever seen or worked with.

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