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Welcome to forums.

You have done the right thing by asking written documents. Why should you pay without knowing whether they really hold your account or not? debt validation is the first step of collection. They should send you the details of your accounts and they are bound to contact you through mails if you say so.

You can send them a letter asking for debt validation and requesting to be contacted be mails only. Send CMRRR and keep all the receipts of your correspondences in a secured place.

You can consolidate the account too to avoid all these hassles. Your consolidator will then negotiate with them on your behalf. See the benefits of [URL=""]debt consolidation program[/URL] here-

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Russel Davis must think that posting here will save his bonus. It won't.

I collected for ACS long enough to learn that I didn't want to be there. The tolerance for hardcore rampant fdcpa violations is visible (and audible) to anyone who enters the room. I'm a professional, and I stay within the boundaries of the law. I expect everyone around me to do the same. That definitely wasn't the case at ACS.

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I am enrolled in a debt management program, but I still recieve phone calls from ACS. Once I recieved on from someone who claimed to be a lawyer from Prepaid legal and gave me a number that was from ACS. Recently, I've recieved phone calls from two different girl claims that shes been in the business for a year. First they said that I would hear from the agents again, I would be hearing from the guy who said he was a lawyer, now the agents are still calling and trying to make settlements or they will proceed with further action. I've spoken to my debt management counselors and they told me to ignore their phone calls and tell them to contact them, but when I do that they just claim that they don't deal with consolidators and keep calling. I am tired of the threats.

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You have to make certain a few things.

First, did you include all your accounts in the debt management program? It might be possible that any of your account was not placed in the program and has been transferred to ACS. In that case, ask for validation first. They should provide you something in writing. This is the first step of debt collection.

But, if the account was included in the debt management program and it is getting paid off eventually, then ACS cannot harass you anymore. Speak to your debt management company. They will be able to solve this problem.

Keep us updated in this matter.

Sub: #94 posted on Thu, 12/29/2005 - 09:32

4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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The account that ACS has is added to the debt management program and they have recieved a payment for this month and will recieve a payment for next month. They threatened that they were going to send the money back, but that hasn't happened and the debt management program are aware of this and said that creditors never return money. They know that I am enrolled in the program because they recieved the money and it has already been posted to that particular account.

In the past they have also said that there were certain accounts that they had which they lied, I think they were looking at my credit repot because they were with other collections agency. I have stopped recieving calls from all the others. They are the only ones who are still calling.

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Welcome to the forums.

Keep in touch with your consultant working in the program and insist on getting the monthly statements from the creditors. This is a written proof that shows the company is receiving money towards your debt account.

Once you have paid the account, your lender needs to update the file with credit bureau. Make sure that it is done so that you can improve your financial status.

Usually, you will get calls from the company for a couple of months. Once they get assured that you will be paying regularly, they will stop calling you further. I guess, you will have to wait for some time. Try to explain the present situation about this program so that they stop calling you.


Sub: #96 posted on Thu, 12/29/2005 - 14:26

roxette roxette

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They have called me for the past week asking for Beth. When I say that I have no idea who Beth is, they immediately hang up. This is not a professional outfit. I got somebody on the phone and when I told them to remove my number, they hung up again. Then I called them back with some choice words! If you are a professional outfit then act like one!

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I accepted an offer from Academy to settle for 60% of the debt, finished paying that off a couple of weeks ago, and then last night received a call from someone (forgot to get her name or extension) who wanted the other 40% immediately. After I refused, she started yelling at me and then hung up the moment I mentioned the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. What a classy bunch of people.

Anyway, I'm wondering how to resolve this without going to the trouble and expense of hiring an attorney to look into it. How do I ensure that my full payment of the offered settlement makes it to my credit report?

Sub: #98 posted on Tue, 01/10/2006 - 09:49


[quote=anon]I accepted an offer from Academy to settle for 60% of the debt[/quote]

Did you sign any agreement or do you have any document that says Academy offered you a settlement? If you do, then it will not be difficult to deal the situation.

Sub: #99 posted on Tue, 01/10/2006 - 10:12

stanley stanley

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Yeah, I don't have the letter with me at the moment, but they did send a letter stating that they were willing to settle for the 60% and gave a $$ figure for that reduced amount. That's the amount I finished paying a couple of weeks ago.

The Academy rep I got yelled at by last night told me that because I had made six biweekly payments that it couldn't have been a settlement because they only accept settlements in one lump sum or maybe three payments at most. Of course, that's horse caca, but that was her line.

Looking through this thread, it seems another way to express our concerns over Academy's unethical practices would be to contact Citibank and let them know that because of our treatment by Academy, we will never do business with Citibank again and urge everyone we know to do likewise. Without companies like Citibank giving them business, Academy would go away on its own.

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