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Palisades collection-Consumer complaints and tips to deal with the CA

Many consumers have complaints against Palisades collection agency. Some of the customers, having bitter experience with the agency, have shared their feedback on this company in the DebtCC forums.

Are consumers satisfied with Palisades collection agency?

Many consumers are not satisfied with this collection agency (CA) for numerous reasons. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

  • Collection of paid-off accounts: The CA is accused of collecting on accounts which have been paid off long time back. A customer says the agency came after him to collect a mortgage account on behalf of Chase Manhattan Bank, although he paid it off in full when he refinanced the loan with another mortgage company. Check this out...
  • Collection of written-off accounts: A customer states that Palisades collection came after him for a 7 year old AT&T account which had already been written off his credit report. Find more on this.
  • Collection of invalid bills: The agency often comes after customers for bills which are said to be invalid. One such customer says the CA came after him for an AT&T bill worth $500, though he claims he never made calls worth that much and had canceled his AT&T service long time back. Another customer complains that they came after him for an unpaid bill for Verizon, in spite of the fact that he never had a phone with this phone company. Know more...
  • Reporting wrong information on credit: A customer complains that Palisades Collection LLC reported collections on his credit report. But he says that he paid off the account in full almost 6 months earlier. When he called the company and asked why they reported collections on his credit, they said it was reported properly!

    Another customer says Palisades reported false information to the credit bureau. He said the company reported the date of last activity on his account as 08/2008, though the correct date was 06/2002. Here's the details...
  • Harassment over phone: People often complain of getting too many annoying calls from Palisades collection agency. A customer says he received calls from the CA, even though he was paying on a collection account and his other accounts were in good standing. Another consumer complains that the CA calls him repeatedly for a debt which he does not owe. The representatives are also said to be very rude with the customers. Get more information on this.

What are the things to remember while dealing with Palisades?

There are certain things you should keep in mind while you deal with this collection agency. Check out the points given below:

  • Let them validate the account: The first thing you should do when the Palisades collection agency contacts you to collect an account is send them a validation letter to make sure you owe the debt and they have the legal right to collect it from you.
  • Stop their harassment: In case you do not owe the debt or if it has crossed the SOL, send them a Cease and Desist letter and ask them to stop harassing you. If you owe the debt, you can still send them this letter stating that you wish to deal with the original creditor on your own. If they continue to harass, you can file complaint with the FTC for violation of FDCPA.
  • Don't share your personal information: Some consumers complain that Palisades often wants to know personal information like SSN, etc. You should never share your confidential information with them. If they have the legal right to collect on your account, they should be aware of your personal details, including your SSN.
  • Communicate in writing: Whenever you communicate with the collection agency, try to do it in writing. If you send them mails, always use the certified return receipt requested service so that you have proof of the communication with them.
  • Check original agreement papers: If the CA is charging too much of fees and adding them on the balance on your account, you should check the original agreement you had with the actual creditor. The agreement should state clearly whether or not the CA is allowed to add fees and charges to your account.

In case, you want to know Palisades collection contact information, you can use the following details:

Palisades collection address:
370, 7th Avenue, 12th Floor,
New York, NY 10001

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Anyone here ever heard of palisades collection age...
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Anyone here ever heard of palisades collection agency??
Man, this is sooo wild!!! I go to the mailbox today and theres a letter from these people saying that my account has been 'sold' by my "previous" creditor to my 'current'creditor. They have the original creditor as being Chase Bank and the previous creditor as being Chase Manhattan Bank and have themselves as being the current creditor. Its for $962.61.
Okay, this is why this throws me off. Our home morgage was originally with Chase manahattan bank (the only dealings we've ever had with Chase, that I'm aware of), then in February 1998 (almost 8 years ago!!!) we refinanced with Aames home loans. They paid Chase totally off and that was that. Also, I have a second mortgage on my home, if we owed Chase any money, it would have came up then and we would of had to pay it before the second mortgage went through. But everything was fine.
I have never heard from any of these people from palisades collection llc in this letter. And to the best of my knowledge, I have only dealt with Chase during our first mortgage, before it was sold. 8 years ago!!! (february will be 8 years).
If we owed them money why didn't we hear anything over the past 8 years? weird! Aames paid everything off with Chase. My credit report shows that things were left in good standing with chase. If this isn't that, then I don't know what else it could be since I haven't gotten letters from palisades collection llc before TODAY.
I am floored, to the point I am speechless here. I mean, I start trying to get things straightened out, and then someone else pops up..people I have never even heard of. where do these people come from? Its like they come out of the wood work?!!!
okay, so my question is if anyone here has dealt with the collection agency before?? Anyone know Palisades collection phone number (Palisades collection number)?
And--what other accounts does chase manhattan Bank handle?
thank you! Shirley
p.s. Do I bring enough Drama to the forum??? lol
what would you guys do without me? lol

Palisades collection llc usually purchases debt from Cingular. This is the first time, I am hearing them working on an account with Chase. If you search for this company online, you will find lots of other people complaining about this company.
Call a Palisades collection llc phone number (866-230-8094) and talk to them. First of all, ask them to validate this debt. You have enough reasons to dispute it and they will have to give you the proof of their investigation done before hitting your CR.
If they hit your file without legitimate cause, you will have to take legal counsel.
Do I bring enough Drama to the forum??? lol
I find you going through the complex situations again and again. You have grown strong now and you don't fear if these problems occur. But it would have been better if everything was in proper shape. There should not have been so much of complexities around.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 13:57

ben ben

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Hi Ben, thanks for answering my post. On one hand though, things are going good for me. In the sense that I have learned alot from this group, took proper measures to insure and protect myself and went head on with CAs. Almost all CAs, including Palisades Collection LLC, are working with me, accepting my monthly payment proposals and I am paying my payments on time to them every month. Several are almost paid off now, and the rest should be sometime in 2006. As I said, my plan is to pay the small ones to palisades Collection LLC, then put that money along with my regular payment amount towards the others and get them paid off faster. I know what my situation is. My dell financial accounts are awaiting validation, which I still haven't gotten. and the other wells fargo account still isn't responding to my letters acknowledging payment arrangements.(long story but have my ducks lined up). And got carted off to court by sams club over an account that was being paid---but I faced it strong and head on and I'm moving forward. So see, I know what the deal is and have my eyes wide open.
Its just when something like this pops up out of no where, its like--Gez, where are they coming from? Its like theres a list somewhere that tells these people that I've been going through a hard time, kick me while I'm down. or hey, She has collection agencies after her, left and right, charge offs on her CR, get her while the gettings good. lol I mean, seriously, I know it isn't like this, but it sure does seem like it sometimes.
thanks for answering my post! I am going to get the validation letter in the mail tomorrow, certified return receipt. Do I just write the standard validation letter, or can I add in there that I haven't heard anything of palisades collection agency before, haven't dealt with chase manhattan since 1998? that its been 8 years? or just ask for validation and most likely, I won't get it anyways.
thanks, shirley

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 14:22

imkimssister imkimssister

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Hi Shirley,

It's been long time since I talked to you last time. How are you? :D Hope you had a good thanksgiving week and now the Christmas and New Year is just round the corner. :D

I have read your post and found Ben's reply suitable here. You both have learned so much by now. Good Job!!

In my opinion, write a standard debt validation letter to Palisades Collection LLC. Do not give the strong points that you have for disputing this item. Otherwise, they will get aware of your defense and re-shape the accounts.

First let them serve the validation request, later you can place it on dispute with the strong points.

And yes, everything should be certified.


Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 14:37

roxette roxette

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Hi Roxette!!! I was wondering where you were and there you are! great to see you again. thanks for taking the time to answer my post, and thanks to Ben as well. I am going to do as you said and just send the standard validation request to palisades collection agency. As I said, I most likely won't get it. I told my husband about the letter we got today and it blew him away too. But I told him not to worry, we are smart and we are strong. I now know enough to know that they won't pursue this after my validation request and if they do, they won't get far. Not if this is what I'm thinking it is. SOL is on our side...among other things. thanks, shirley

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 14:52

imkimssister imkimssister

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Yes, you will have your basis strong and you will be doing everything that is stated in the Federal laws. There is nothing to worry about palisades collection llc.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 15:12

roxette roxette

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i'm finding this statement coming up a lot in this forum. you can pretty much be assured if someone receives a collection letter, the debt has been already validated and that is why the collection agency, Palisades collection LLC, is contacting you in the first place. validating a debt is usually a way for debtors to stall and evade their debts.

Sub: #6 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 21:21


Okay--I just finished typing up my validation request on this palisades collection agency account. It will go out in tomorrows mail. I filed a copy of the request in the proper folder with other 'awaiting' accounts that I haven't heard back from after requesting validations.
Then I noticed a letter that I had wrote back in June to a 'Bureau of Collection Recovery', it had to do with an AT&T account. I got to thinking about what Ben said about Palisades usually dealing with 'cingular'. So I checked the account number and the creditor account number and **BINGO**. This has nothing to do with my mortgage from way back when, this is an AT&T account from two years ago.

ONCE again, another collection agency had this account UNTIL I wrote them a letter in June and asked for validation and then it got passed on to these people. Now they have the account. And they're claiming that its been sold to them. So off we go with another validation letter and wait and see what happens. I don't get it. The reason I was confused, is because they didn't have the creditor as being AT&T, they have it as chase manhattan. The first CA that had this account, had it listed as being AT&T but this one has it listed totally different. As I said, I have only dealt with chase when we first bought our house. strange.

I don't understand. Whenever I ask for validation from CAs, Palisades Collection agency get quiet for a few months and then it gets passed on to another agency.

Anyways, BEN---you were right or pretty close. You got me to thinking, I started looking, and although its not cingular (although didn't AT&T merge with cingular about a year or so ago???) so you're right on the money!!!!!!! thanks Shirley

Sub: #7 posted on Mon, 12/05/2005 - 21:56

imkimssister imkimssister

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i'm finding this statement coming up a lot in this forum. you can pretty much be assured if someone receives a collection letter, the debt has been already validated and that is why the collection agency is contacting you in the first place.
I agree with what you have said. But the reason of placing this debt validation request is that people do not get anything in writing from the CA (like palisades collections) and a call is placed to them well before. Even making things tougher, no message is left in the Palisades collection agency phone number. At this point, debt validation is requested.
After something is given in writing, it is considered as debt validation and if required it needs to be disputed within the 30 days period. But some CAs really make life tougher by not giving anything in writing.

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 12/06/2005 - 12:11

ben ben

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you can pretty much be assured if someone receives a collection letter, the debt has been already validated
If this is true, then why don't they simply validate when you write and ask for it? In my case, everytime I ask for validation, my debt gets passed on to another agency. I ask for validation from them (palisades collection agency), and they pass it on again...its never ending. why wouldn't they simply validate???

And it might be validated but you have the legal right to have it validated to YOU upon request. correct? so palisades collections having validation, is not the same as ME having it. I need to know whats what, instead of busting out the whole check book to just anyone, that I've never even heard of before, that says I owe them money.

now if I'm wrong in this, straighten me out please.

Sub: #9 posted on Wed, 12/14/2005 - 15:45

imkimssister imkimssister

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Also, I sent the letter off last week to Palisades Collection LLCand still haven't received my green card back. maybe the mail is running slow due to the holidays. I just got a package today that was mailed out on November 28. so I will wait patiently.
But this did cause another thought to come to mind. what if palisades collection don't sign for it? does the mailman return it to me, or what happens? Was just wondering if this has happened to anyone?
Also Palisades collection agency is not the first collection agency to get this account. Another company had it before, I asked for validation and they ran. Months later, I'm hearing from these people. I still don't know that its the same account but reference numbers are the same so it probably is. waiting on validation.

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 12/14/2005 - 20:22

imkimssister imkimssister

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