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February - 2015 issue #02
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Do you have the traits of debt free people?

Do you have the traits of debt free people

Have you ever wondered why some people remain debt free and others don’t? Have you ever tried to find out the reason? Well, if you observe debt free people little closely, then you’ll see that they possess some common traits such as intelligence, progressive mindset, determination, responsible, creative, confident, non-materialistic, etc. These traits help people to treat creditors differently than the others and stay out of debt.

Do you have any of these traits? Do you have what it takes to be a debt free man?

Find out from this infographic - Here

Tip of the month: Celebrate love after Valentine’s Day. You may get everything at half rate.

Who told that you’ve to celebrate love on 14th February itself? Love is for all seasons and you can celebrate it every day and night. The only problem on 14th February is that all restaurants are booked plus you have to pay double money for everything. But, if you’re little wise, then celebrate love with your special someone on 15th February (Sunday). The rush will be over and most importantly everything is half off.

For instance, 10 roses may cost you around $30 in the Valentine week. But, you can get the same roses at less price later. So, this means you can shower gifts and affection to your Valentine if you wait patiently and celebrate love in the next day or after a few days.

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What color and how many roses should you gift in the Valentine week
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Discussion of the month- What color and how many roses should you gift in the Valentine week?

Valentine week is incomplete without a bunch of roses. Isn’t it? After all, roses express your thousands of emotions for the special someone without uttering a single word. But do you know which one is the perfect rose for your special someone? Which color should you choose and how many?

If you want to propose to your Valentine, then just 1 rose is enough. But if you’re just infatuated with someone, then it’s best to gift 7 roses. Likewise, if you’ve found the man/woman of your life, then gift 9 roses to that special person. He/she will understand that you’re ready to spend your entire life with him/her.

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