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August - 2014 issue #8
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Educate yourself: 5 Best and worst US cities for jobseekers in 2014

5 Best and worst US cities for jobseekers

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to build a good career for yourself? If yes, then the best option for yourself is to flock to cities with good employment opportunities. But which are those cities? Which are the ones with low job growth? Obviously, it's a sheer waste of time to search for a job in cities with scanty jobs and you'd definitely like to stay away from those places.

Check out this infographic and find out - Here

Tip of the month: Shed your inhibitions and ask for a discount to save money.

Planning to shop tomorrow? Ask for a discount whenever you get an opportunity to save money. Be bold and shed your inhibitions to haggle on price when it comes to buying anything. It won't hurt you. In the worst cases, the retailer can say 'no'. You won't lose anything. If you find something wrong in an item, then report it to the storeowner. You can get at least 10% to 20% discount on the retail price.

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Is financial infidelity as catastrophic as sexual infidelity
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Discussion of the month: Is financial infidelity as catastrophic as sexual infidelity?

For many couples, sexual infidelity is a sin. But, what about financial infidelity? Is this as bad as sexual infidelity?

As per the recent survey conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education, one in every 3 couples lie to his/her spouse regarding money matters. 76% of the couples admit that financial deception has made a bad impact upon their relationships. 63% men opine that financial infidelity is as bad as sexual infidelity in comparison to 70% women.

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