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DebtCC Buzz – 8 Stunning ways to give a new look at your home in Christmas within budget

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/14/2014 - 22:00
December - 2014 issue #12
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8 Ways to give a stunning makeover to your sweet home during Christmas within budget

budget friendly christmas decoration

Is it possible to decorate your home just like what you've dreamt at less? Do you want to stun your guest with a fab makeover of your house? Are you thinking to give up your dream just because there are not sufficient funds in your bank account?

Money can help you do lot of things at your home. But, this doesn't mean that you must have a huge bank balance for it. What you actually need is a creative mind. If you don't have that, then read this post to know about some short-cut ways to create a fab home.

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Tip of the month: Chuck out the low-hanging fruit to trim your Christmas list.

You don't necessarily need to buy gifts for everybody during Christmas. Rather, what you actually need to do is buy gifts for people who actually matter in your life. Spend money to buy gifts for your parents and spouse, but stop giving holiday checks to friends whom you interact only in Facebook or Twitter. Likewise, there is no need to mail a annual fruitcake to casual acquaintance anymore.

If you get a surprise gift from someone this Christmas, then give an inexpensive present to him. Just present it nicely so that it doesn't look cheap.

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What should be the guidelines to take care of kids during holidays
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Discussion of the month- What should be the guidelines to take care of kids during holidays?


Sometimes, too much fun can be bad for your kids since they're vulnerable to accidents. So, instead of becoming too much busy with festivities, you should create a checklist and follow it to take care of your kids properly. First thing first, keep your kids away from poisonous but decorative plants. Don't let them touch alcohol. Stop using real candles at your home since they're dangerous for your kids. They may get burnt accidentally.


Try to keep all the breakable items out of your kids' reach. Remember, breakable items can injure your kids badly. If you want to involve them in 'festive' cooking, then make sure you take care of the chopping part. Use your kids to serve dishes, wash vegetables, add spices in the food. Sometimes, a small help can turn out to be a big help.

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