DebtCC Buzz - 13 Forgotten ways to reduce your household debt

November - 2014 issue #11
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13 Forgotten ways to reduce your household debt

Forgotten ways to reduce your household debt

“Think out of the box” - this phrase has entered into our life to such an extent that we have almost forgotten the basics. Often, we just overlook or forget the basics in life. As a result, we fail to achieve satisfactory results even after giving our best efforts.

If you're thinking to slash your household debts, then revisit the basics first. Thereafter, try to find some shortcuts to debt free life.

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Tip of the month: Shop throughout the year to save during the festive season.

Festive seasons means glitz, glamor, parties, celebrations and gifts. It is the time to shower gifts on your loved ones. But again, too much shopping is not good for your financial health. It leads you to a sea of debt. So, what should you do? Give up shopping? Certainly not. Shop throughout the year , especially during those times when you get lucrative sale offers. Buy gifts beforehand so that you can have a satisfying financial health and satisfied friends.

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Discussion of the month- 5 Types of debt to scrap before you retire
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Discussion of the month- 5 Types of debt to scrap before you retire

No one dreams to have debts, especially after retirement. After all, this is the golden period of one's life. It is the time to relax and spend lovely evenings with grandchildren. It is certainly not the time to think about debt collectors and bill payments.

Bad debts bring troubles, embarrassment, stress in life, and you'd certainly don't want to have them during the last phase of your life. So, it is always better to remove some specific types of debts from your life before you say 'good bye' to your job. Wanna know what are those types of debts?

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