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DebtCC Buzz - Is it good to evaluate your partner based on credit score?

Submitted by admin on Tue, 10/14/2014 - 21:51
October - 2014 issue #10
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Is it good to evaluate your partner based on credit score?

Is it good to evaluate your partner based on credit score

It is wrong to judge your spouse simply on the basis of his/her credit score. It is a myth that your spouse is financially irresponsible when his/her credit score is low. Besides, your spouse's credit score is not a mirror of his/her character. Neither does it prove that he/she won't be a good companion in future.

Try to understand your spouse's attitude towards money before reaching to any conclusion. Think positive and work together to improve his/her credit score in future.

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Tip of the month: Try to be debt free during holidays and stay happy later.

The holiday season is approaching soon. If you haven't started planning already, then it's high time to stash cash in your wallet and be prepared for the holiday expenses. Instead of depending upon your indispensable credit card, try to make extra money before the festive season begins. Save more coins in your piggybank and find a part-time job to accelerate your income. This way you can start buying gifts without increasing your credit card bills.

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Alarm bells are ringing: Is your child's identity safe
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Discussion of the month- Alarm bells are ringing: Is your child's identity safe?

Thanks to the benefits of sophisticated technology, it has become easier for the hackers to steal identity of children. They use identity of children to get jobs, take advantage of government benefits, obtain loans, etc.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge of parents in 2014 is to protect kids' identity from the hackers. They need to teach the ABCD of social networking to children so that they don't become a fresh victim of hackers and fall into debt problems. Other than that, they need to check kids' credit reports frequently and watch out for the signs of identity-theft.

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