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September - 2014
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Financial awareness blueprint: How students can learn to appreciate money

Financial Awareness Because of their usual immaturity, most college students are unable to make the right financial decisions. Their impulsive nature compels them to splurge and forget about budgets. The result is catastrophic as several students get into severe debt crisis.

The primary concern of students should be studies. Their next concern should be how to manage money gracefully. This will help them avoid unpleasant financial crisis in their daily life.

How to manage money gracefully - Here

Tip of the month: The first settlement offer is not always the best. Wait for the right offer to save dollars.

When it comes to debt negotiation, you need to be flexible and patient. Don't accept the initial settlement offer from creditors. Make counter settlement offer to creditors. If they agree, you would be able to save a stash of cash from your wallet. And if they reject your offer, then you can always go back to the initial settlement offer. There is nothing to lose from your end.

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5 Innovative ways to save on groceries

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Discussion of the month: 5 Innovative ways to save on groceries

Do you belong to that class of people who don't like to use coupons for shopping groceries? Well, coupons help people to save a substantial amount on groceries. If you still don't wish to use coupons but are really interested to save money, then take advantage of holiday sales when retailers sell some products at a very low price. For instance, you can get heavy discounts on hot dogs, ground beef, chicken, beer, etc.
The other option is to buy groceries from a store that offers goods at the cheapest price. For example, a packet of fresh beef may cost you less in store no 1 rather than the store no 2.
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