DebtCC Buzz - Is 2014 the best year to knock off your credit card debts?

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Educate Yourself: Is 2014 the best year to knock off your credit card debts?

Is 2014 the best year to knock off your credit card debts

2014 is perhaps the best year to pay off debts as consumers won't be able to enjoy low rates on credit cards forever. The Prime Rate has not jumped from 3.25% since 2008. Hence, consumers are able to enjoy low rates on credit cards, auto loans and student loans at present.
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Tip of the month: Debt settlement is just like a business. So, take the emotion out and be practical.

4 Best tips of the month
  1. Read money saving blogs to get fresh ideas on how to thrive on a frugal lifestyle.
  2. Reassess your expenditures and save money to pay off debts during a job loss.
  3. Live on brown rice and beans when your funds are tight but you don't want to compromise on nutrition.
  4. Treat emergency fund as a bill on which you have to make a payment every month. This will help you build a financial cushion.

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Discussion of the month: 3 Steps to break free from the payday loan cycle

IBelieve it or not, you can beat illegal payday loan lenders at their own game in 3 simple steps. The first step is to close your bank account or put it into the 'deposit only' status. The second step will be to notify lenders that you're only going to pay the principal amount. The third step will be to ask for a refund on the loans wherein you've paid more than the principal amount.
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