How to repair your bad credit in simple and easy steps

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Repair Your Credit To Make Your Financial Life Smarter And Better


6 Fast credit repair tips

  1. Monitor your credit at frequent intervals
  2. Use strategic tools to build credit
  3. Contact professionals and attorneys
  4. Discuss your credit issues in Forums
  5. Repay your delinquent debts
  6. Send sample letters to negotiate the account status

Have you gone through some serious credit troubles in the past? Do you want to make a fresh financial start since lenders are not interested to give you a loan? If yes, then you need to take the following free credit repair steps.

Know the complete story

Request the 3 major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian to send copies of your credit reports. You're eligible to get a copy of credit report free of cost at least once a year.
Check each section of your credit report. Are there too many wrong tradelines on your credit report? Is your credit score low because of these errors? Do you've charged-off accounts on your credit report? Is your debt-to-income ratio too high? It won't be possible to repair credit without having any idea about the problems.

List the negative items and rank them

Note down the negative information on your credit report and rank them on the basis of importance. For instance, an item that is making the maximum negative impact upon your credit should be ranked first.
Check all the 3 copies of your credit report before making the list as the same information will not be in them. In addition to that, the same information may appear on your credit report twice. Report to the credit bureaus about the duplicate item and get it removed as soon as possible.

Find out where you went wrong

Mark each and every error on your credit report. Once you've marked all the errors, send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. Download the free credit repair letters and send them to the credit bureaus. Request the credit bureaus to investigate.
In case, the credit bureaus can't prove that you're wrong within 30-45 days, then they've to remove the errors from your report.

Pay down your debts fast

Start paying your accounts that have not been charged-off yet. This will help you bring the accounts into current status. These in turn will enable you generate positive payment history on your credit report.
It is true that negative accounts will still be there on your credit report, but the positive information will soon outweigh them.

Next, start making payments on the collection accounts. Your credit score won't increase instantly. However, potential lenders would want to check if you've paid back your past creditors. In addition to that, repay the credit card balances to bring down the credit-utilization ratio.

If you need free credit repair help, then read different articles and visit forums. Check out the quick credit repair tips and try to follow them. Ask the experts about how to fix your bad credit.

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When you can get help from credit repair service

It is true that you can do all the hardships on your own. However, if you don't want to do that, then it is best to get help of credit repair services. There are several other situations when it is better to work with a credit repair agency, including:

  • You're not good with finances
  • You don't have to take steps to repair bad credit
  • Your lenders are ready to coordinate with credit repair agency

Does credit repair services work? This is a valid question since you've to pay fees for the services. Well, the credit repair agencies can only help you under the following circumstances:

  • There are genuine errors on your credit report
  • There are unverified errors on your credit report
  • You're unable to identify the problems

How you can find the best credit repair companies

Here are some ways to find and work with the good companies:

  • 1Find out what the clients have to say about a company
  • 2Check the official website of the company
  • 3Find out how the company will help you in the credit repair process
  • 4Type "best credit repair firm or company or agency" in a popular search engine box and check out the results
  • 5Visit a reliable forum and ask industry experts to suggest some good companies.

Ways to protect yourself against credit repair scams

Read below to know about the ways to avoid scams while restoring your credit.

  • 1Avoid companies that ask you to pay fees without offering any services
  • 2Stop working with a company that doesn't let you know about the consumer rights
  • 3Never ever work with a company that asks you to create a new credit identity and report
  • 4Stay away from companies that suggest you to dispute accurate information
  • 5Steer clear of companies that don't give you a written agreement or contract
The bottom line is, you can fix your bad credit on your own for free. All you need to do is take the right steps and follow the guidelines. If this doesn't help to get a fresh financial start, then there are credit repair firms to help you out.

Last Updated on: Wed, 24 Jan 2018