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Debt collectors - Get useful resources to handle collection agencies

Watch video on How To Deal With 3 Types Of Collectors?

Debt collectors receive many types of accounts for collection. While collections on unpaid bills have similarities (mainly getting you to pay), there are different ways to handle collection accounts. How you manage your way through being contacted by a collection agency who is trying to get you to pay on legitimate debts you fell behind with should first factor on what you are able to do. Do you want to resolve the collection accounts? Are you unable to put together resources that can help you in developing a plan to deal with the debt collectors? Do you need to buy more time to put together a plan of action? Have you experienced abusive debt collection practices and need to learn about and protect your rights?

There are many tools and resources throughout our site that will help you address your past due bills; different debt collection agencies and; debt purchasers.


Useful resources