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Social Answers - What it is all about

Social Answers is a free questions & answers site on finance. The objective of this section is to provide quality answers to the questions asked in Social Answers.

7 Unique features of Social Answers

The 7 unique features of Social Answers are listed below:

  1. Ask and answer questions
  2. Opportunity to give better answers
  3. Get prompt answers instead of irrelevant discussions
  4. Give positive votes to your favorite answers
  5. Choose the best answer to your question
  6. Cast negative votes to unsatisfactory answers
  7. Earn points based on contribution

Social Answers - How it is different from Forums

Social Answers - How it is different from Forums The format of Social Answers is slightly different from Forums. The former is based on question and answers format where as the latter mainly focuses on discussions on various finance related topics. The main idea behind forums was to solve the financial queries of the consumers. Social Answers also strives for the same but in a different approach.

SN. Features Social Answers Forums
1. Questions and Answers
2. Relevant Discussions
3. Expert Participation
4. Voting rights
5. Give Negative Votes
6. Visibility of Quality Answers
7. Selection of Best Answers
8. Prompt Answers
9. User Friendly/Scannable

Types of questions accepted here

You can ask the following types of questions in Social Answers:

  • Finance related questions.
  • Practical and answerable questions.
  • Problem based questions.

Types of questions not accepted here

Questions that would diminish the usefulness of the section will not be accepted here. So you should avoid asking the following types of questions:

  • Meaningless questions.
  • Open-ended questions.
  • Hypothetical questions.
  • Off-topic questions.

Rules to follow while answering questions

Check out the following rules to be followed while answering questions in Social Answers:

  • The answer should be to the point and original.
  • The answer must not be a comment on the previous posted answer or the question.
  • The answer should not be mere acknowledgment of the question.
  • The answer should not be written in a profane or obscene language.
  • The answer should not contain just phrases such as "thanks" or "same here".
  • The answer should not be asking another question. However, if the post is not clear, then a related question can be asked so as to get more details. Once the question is clarified, a proper reply should be given to the query.

The moderator or the system admin has the right to delete or remove the duplicate and abusive answers. Admin panel will delete the answers which are found offensive, derogatory, abusing or disrespecting others. If you don't like any answer or disagree with it, then feel free to give negative votes. Do your own research and give better answers.^Top

General rules need to be followed

Following rules need to be followed while participating in the Social Answers:

  • Treating everyone with respect.
  • Refraining from charging others.
  • Being honest while answering the questions.
  • Refraining from self-promotional activities.
  • Abstaining from useless disputes.

Social Answers - Whom to contact

Finally, in the event of serious problems, you should directly communicate with admin panel. You can send an email at The admin panel will look into the matter and try to help you out.^Top